Leather smells

by Molly Moore
molly holding leather flogger to her face with her naked body reflected in mirror behind her

The kink of the week topic is Leather. I don’t have a particular kink for the material itself but there is something about how leather smells that just gives me the horn. It is beautiful earthy, live kind of smell and I have stood in many a fetish mark sniffing various leather implements and restraints. If they have that rich leather smells I am far more likely to by them.

When it came to writing about leather though both the following little scenarios popped into my head and I sat down and wrote them both. In the end I couldn’t pick between them so decided to share both little works of fiction. CW the 2nd story contains Consensual Non Consent, Attacker/Victim scene.

“The air was heavy with the smell of leather and dust, of old parchment and binding glue. It smelled of secrets.” ~ Patrick Rothfuss

Leather Flogger

The flogger sits perfectly in my hand. It is almost as if the wooden handle as been turned to fit my grip. I trail the leather tails through my fingers. Admiring how they flow and the velvet softness of them. I smile as I bring the leather up to my face. Those tails are going to feel anything but velvet soft when they meet your arse I think to myself. I breath in the scent of them, closing my eyes as I savour the warm natural leather smells.

You are laying on the bed, a pillow wedged under your hips lifting your buttocks up slightly. An offering, an invitation. I trail the flogger down your back and across your arse, a soft little caress of those velvet tails that makes you shiver slightly.

“Are you ready?” I ask

Your reply is simple and clear; “Yes”

I raise the flogger and bring it down hard across your bottom. your fingers curl into the sheet, gripping it and I raise my arm and do it again. The flogger is easy to control. it is just the right weight and size for me and you are positioned perfectly on the bed. I use it over and over watching with delight as your skin blooms from a soft pink to a darker more angry red.

I pause and trail my fingers over your hot flesh. The muscles in your buttocks twitch in response to my delicate touch but when I claw my hand and dig my nails in your hips rock down into the bed and a hiss of breath escapes your mouth.

“I think you are ready” I say as I lay the flogger down on the bed right near your face.

I pull skirt up round my hips and slide the thin dildo into the harness I am wearing underneath. I pour lube into my hand and coat the silicone shaft with it and then I pour it liberally between the crack of your arse. The cold liquid against the heat of your skin elicits that adorable little twitch in your muscles again. There is something about it that makes me want to hurt you more, to see your muscles contract and tighten in response. But there will be time for that another day for now

I straddle your thighs and push the head of the dildo down between your checks so that it rest up tight against the puckered hole of your bum.

“Can you smell the leather of the flogger?” I ask

You pause and I can tell my the rise and fall of your chest that you are breathing in the leather smells.

“Yes” you finally reply

Good, hopefully that means every time you smell it from now on it will remind you of the first time I fucked you in the arse

And that is exactly what I do next.

Leather Gloves

Your gloved hand closes over my mouth.

I have only just walked in the door. The hallways is dark but I can see lights on upstairs in your study and assume you are in there. I kick my shoes off and hang my coat on but as I go towards the stairs you are on me. Fast and determined your hand over my mouth the other wrapped round my waist lifting me clean of me feet.

I try to kick out at you but with nothing to purchase against my legs just flail around in the air. The leather smells assault my nostrils as you clamp your gloved hand tighter across my mouth. I try to bite you but there is not space for me to open my jaw and even if I did the thick black hide of the gloves would mean you barely felt it.

You wrestle me from the hallway into the front room. It is even darker in here with the faint light from upstairs no longer visible but as you drag me down to the ground and pin me down I can just make out the glint of your eyes and the shape of your shoulders and I know who you are. I would know you anywhere, even in the pitch dark and I fight back even harder but somehow you seem to have anticipated that and your sheer strength means that all I am doing is wearing myself out as I struggle against your weight and determination to keep me there beneath you and through it all your gloved hand never leaves me mouth and the smell of leather is always there invading my senses as you invade my body with a triumph grunt.

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ogden May 8, 2021 - 6:42 pm

Hawt! <3

Jayden Vincente May 11, 2021 - 1:53 am

Very nice! Both of them!

I am very into (consensual) nonconsent, and the smell of the leather, so that second one was really hot!

Modesty Ablaze May 12, 2021 - 7:26 am

Oh my goodness … very arousing both. But I think you can guess which one really gets me tingling !!!

Xxx – K


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