The perfect feedback loop

by Molly Moore
Molly with legs spread in front of computer screen touching herself

“Show me”

I grinned back at him

“Come on slut, spread your legs and show me. I want to watch you touch yourself”

I slide my bottoms off, bunched up the pillows behind me, grabbed a glass dildo and then placed the laptop on the bed between my legs.

“Mmmmm.” he purred back at me through Skype. “Such a pretty pussy. I can’t wait to push my cock into it again”

This was a huge part of our sex life for the first 18 months or so of our relationships. We obviously visited one another during that time too but for most of it we were thousands of miles apart but technology was most definitely our sexy friend.

Michael was the first person I ever did that with. I know it was my suggestion, I wanted him to watch me too, to see me and the first few times it was a performance of one for one. Because of time differences I would always go to bed before him and in the night while I slept he would leave me messages that he had written about what he thought when watching me and what it inspired him to want to do to me. I would go to sleep feeling someone sated, wake up and read his words and instantly be throbbing with desire again.

Over time though we did all sorts on cam but mutual masturbation was a really big part of that. Watching each other touch ourselves was supremely hot. Sometimes we would do it at the same time, sharing our thoughts about what we wanted to do to each other a bit like a live story telling and both coming at the same time or within moments of each other. Other times I would watch him and then he would watch me or vice versa. I always really liked that option because it meant I could really concentrate on watching him. Seeing him touch himself for me, studying how he liked it, speed, rhythm and how he held himself helped me to learn his body even though I couldn’t touch it and so when we were together I would take the knowledge and put it into practice and I know the same can be said for him and my body.

It is why when people approach me for advice (often men wanting to know how to make their female partners orgasm) one of the things I always recommend is to indulge in a some mutual masturbation because it can be both insanely hot to watch your partner touch themselves but it can also be really informative. After all no one knows how you like to be touched better than you do.

I don’t know if my love for mutual masturbation came from those experiences or whether it was a bit more duck to water, after all it ticks both my voyeuristic and exhibitionism kinks all in one go so maybe it was a case of just needing to discover it rather than learning to love it but which ever it is, it is most definitely a big turn on to me.

I know for some people mutual masturbation is about touching each other at the same time, and whilst that is hot and definitely a feature of our sex lives I have to say watching him touch himself whilst I do the same thing or even taking turns just fucking does it for me.

One of my favourite things is when he lays down on the bed between my legs, grabs a pillow for his head and then tells me to touch myself so he can watch. There is something about having someone look at your cunt, really study it, that makes me squirm with a mixture of red hot flush of embarrassment and lust and then glancing down and seeing his hand is leisurely stroking his dick in response to watching me just turns me on even more. It is the perfect feedback loop. Sometimes when I am close to coming he will kneel up on the bed between my legs and just as I am about to orgasm I will remove the glass dildo that I have been using (because that is nearly always part of this fun) and he will slide his thick hard cock into me just in time to feel my hot little cunt spasm around him and then as my orgasm subsides he will use my cunt to finish his own wank off.

All those months of wanking away together on Skype were definitely hot sexy fun and I truly believe have contributed to how good our sex life is as a result but doing in in person, when you can really see the other person, watch all their body not just the bit the camera is pointing at and hear and smell them too is definitely the gold star of mutual masturbation.

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May More February 12, 2019 - 7:54 pm

We do so much mutual masturbation – I think it is about 75% of our sex – no photos of it yet though lol – hopefully soon x

Kayla Lords February 13, 2019 - 12:18 am

We never did masturbate or do anything on Skype. I don’t think we ever even used it. It was all phone sex and sexting by text/email. But I always loooooved masturbating for him and with him.

But I also remember all the times he watched me masturbate and how much he learned from it. His touch only got better over time. And I agree — I too recommend mutual masturbation as a way to learn about a partner and figure out how to help them orgasm.

Victoria Blisse February 13, 2019 - 11:36 am

Oh yes, there is something wonderful in masturbating for a partner and especially special when they are masturbating for you at the same time. It’s so damn sexy!

Bee February 25, 2019 - 2:59 pm

Skyping is one of the things I miss about our nights apart. I don’t know what it was about the screen being there but I find face to face, or cunt to face, so much harder. Things that are weird about me #8536!


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