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By on January 22, 2012.

22nd January 2012

I had been keeping my eyes open for ages for one the old-fashioned red Tardis style telephone boxes but in many urban locations they had slowly been replaced with horrible modern alternatives that lacked the iconic style of the red phone bow and then with the rise of the mobile phone many had been removed altogether. Quite a few of the old style ones have been maintained in and around central London where their look has been deemed to be more in keeping with the surrounding architecture. However when you are looking for one of these to take photographs for the Scavenger Hunt in central London is not really the place. Of course the other place that you frequently find them is in more rural settings, places where they have not succumbed to vandalism or road traffic accidents or again where the look of them fits in with the villages more traditional looks.

It was a fine autumn day and we were driving back from a meeting in the town just south of where we live and I saw the signpost for this little village. I had been there many times as it housed a local museum in the old water-mill there. It is a pretty place, with a stream (the runs the mill) and building dating back to Tudor times and so I suggested a quick detour to show Sir another bit of local history.

As we rounded the bend into the village there it was. Standing majestically on the corner and looking like it had always been there it gave the whole place a real feel of bygone times. As I pulled open the door I had to wonder when the last time was that anyone had stepped inside this structure as the whole place was filled with a maze of cobwebs.

sexy woman naked in red phone box

I guess it had been a while since someone had stood here and actually called someone and so I decided that it was time this beautiful structure was put to use again

erotic photograph in red telephone box

I guess most people would have popped a few coins into the slot

red phone box naked woman

And made a phone call to someone for old times sake

masturbating in red telephone box

But that was not exactly what I had in mind for this place

woman masturbating in red phone box

I wanted my visit to be a bit more orgasmic than that

Masturbating in telephone box

And so when it was finally time to leave not only would I have a new set of photographs for the Scavenger Hunt

sexy woman in red phone box

But also a happy smile upon my face.


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  1. I’m never going to beat you at Scavenger Hunt, am I? 😀

    In awe at how daring and sexy you are. Love it!


  2. Oh, brilliant! and damn sexy to boot 🙂

    There is such a telephone box in the town where I live but it is in an EXTREMELY public place, not a spot where I could ever pull off such a feat. You definitely win that round hands down (or otherwise occupied)!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Just wonderful. I also love those old red boxes but I’ve never seen one look as good as when you were in yours 😉

  4. I want to say something clever. Something worthy. But fuck it. I just keep scrolling back up to look at the shot of your bum. Perfection!

  5. I love the phone booth! I can’t believe such a thing exists. But it’s even more lovely with you in it! 😉


  6. Great sequence. Love the old style red phone box shots. We have one within walking distance of our house as we live in a rural village. I have taken a few pictures in phone boxes but the best were in a modern open one in France.

  7. I fancy I can see a few cobwebs on the glass. Poor spiders you swept them away and took over. Magnificent erotic pictures the old and the new in one delicious mix.

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