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Red Blooded Woman

molly pulling up her skirt to show stocking top and bare thigh in red light

The dress was black with stockings to match. She ordered a Kir Royale and sipped at the glass of red bubbles as she sat opposite me.

The place was sultry, like her, the bar sat in the corner as you walked in and around the room each cluster of seats was lit in a different colour.  Purple, a deep blue, a soft golden orange, a dark jade green that seemed to create deep shadows and red. She contemplated the options for a moment, pausing near the green but then dismissing it in favour of the red. Was it for the colour or the fact it was tucked away in the corner? I would ask her later and she would tell me both.

The conversation is easy, polite, but there is a tension in the air and a look in her eye that makes my cock twitch in my pants. We both know why we are there, we have talked about it enough but talking and doing are different, and apart from the way she looks directly at me, her gaze clear and direct, I wonder if maybe I have mistaken things but then she reaches down and pulls at her skirt, drawing it up slowly until a glimpse of the black lace at the top of her stockings is revealed. She is still talking, about her day, how she got here, how much she loves Kir Royale but my eyes are locked onto her thigh and it only when she falls silent that I glance back up to her face. She is smiling at me in that knowing way as if she has laid a trap and I just fallen into it. The last time she looked at me like that it was when she managed to prove me wrong with 2 sentences.

For a moment I think about wiping that triumph grin of her face with my cock but something about that thought must show on my face and she laughs.

“You sound like you won something?” I say

“No, but I think I am about to” she shoots back at me

“Your very sure of yourself” I respond

“Not always, sometimes, but right now yes….”

She reaches for her drink and downs the remainder in one go. It is definitely not how you are supposed to drink such a beverage and there is something about the action that makes me want her even more. She stands up and steps towards me, on her high heels and me in this soft chair her thighs are levels with me face. She draws her skirt up higher….higher, revealing stocking top and beyond that bare smooth skin. The red light consumes it all, the dress, the stockings and especially her skin, turning it all the colour of fire. I can feel the blood pulse through my cock.

“…right now I am very sure of myself. I am a red blooded woman and from the look of things you are a red blooded man and it’s about time don’t you think?”


“For you finally fuck me like a dirty little whore. That is why I am here after all”

I contemplate her for a moment and then rise from my seat. Even with the heels I am still taller than her and now she is the one forced to look up.

I motion for her to lead the way. We say nothing as she leaves the bar in front of me and heads straight to the elevators. She knows her role and I know mine and she is right it is definitely time for that.

Wicked Wednesday badgeIf you are curious the song is Red Blooded Woman by Kylie Minogue

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