Rear-View – FebPhotoFest Day 26

by Molly Moore
Abandoned crashed car in a ditch on the edge of fields with the back door hanging open and little Jack Russell dog just the left corner of the image for post called rear-view

“A convex seer, this rear-view mirror lets me peer into the landscape unwinding behind me, but it cannot show what is ahead, nor how I should turn next.”
― Doireann Ní Ghríofa

We walk this path all the time as apart from in the worst of the wet winter months it remains relativity passable and not too muddy. It cuts up through woodland and then fields and is the location for a fair few images on this blog including this bluebell one and this Scavenger hunt blackberry one. I can confidently say I never expected it to be the location for an abandoned car Scavenger Hunt.

We had been here just a couple of days before and so you can imagine our surprised when we turned the corner out of the woods and saw a literal car abandoned in the ditch. I am actually impressed they managed to get it this far, you could see the tyre tracks where they had driven over multiple fields to this point before finally coming a cropper in this ditch.

The car was completely trashed and I feel sorry for the farmer, whose house is a few fields away, who I am guessing now has to pay to have this heap of junk removed from his land. However before he did I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a little Scavenger Hunt activity although when I got home I realised that abandoned car/vehicle is not currently a location so I am hoping that the power that Bee (see what I did there) will declare it valid and add it to the list. For now though I am totally counting it and my rear-view!

Molly standing behind abandoned car that is leaning into a ditch with her trousers pulled down showing her bottom to the camera. Her little dog is standing next to her. For post called Rear-View
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Bee March 2, 2024 - 12:52 pm

The powers that Bee have added the location! Impressive find!


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