Portaloo blues

by Molly Moore
Cropped image of molly flashing bum by portaloo

I thought I would kick of The Blog Days of Summer with a little bit of Scavenger Hunting. This will be my 85th Scavenger Hunt location. Only 15 more to go to hit the big 100. I would love to try and get to that number by the end of the year but having done so many locations there are less to pick from and so often more planning/travel is required but I am determined to get to the 100 mark eventually.

I took this one, well actually on this occasion Michael took this one on one of our fairly regular dog walks. (Notice the very good boy sitting patiently at my feet) The toilet had been there since the beginning of the year but it was there for the construction workers who were working on the road. They have long since gone, along with all their equipment but the this lonely portaloo. However for the longest while it was cordoned off behind a temporary high wire fence. As you can see that is now gone too and the poor euroloo now sits all alone behind the hedgerow that protects it from the fairly busy road.

I am sure it is a loo, mostly, because it also has a bit of a Tardis look and I did wonder if it was the Tardis in disquise which is why no one has yet taken it again. If so I am sure the Dr will return for it soon and surely that means this Scavenger Hunt counts as both a Portaloo and the Tardis?

Molly standing flashing her bum next to portaloo in a field
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Bee August 13, 2022 - 3:46 pm

Poor lonely little loo, I am so glad you and doggo gave it a little bit of company. And it reminds me I very nearly got this location but made the fatal error of ‘coming back later’ and it’s just taken me a year to recall that!


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