Sussex Girl

by Molly Moore
Cropped image of fishing boat called Sussex Girl

“In Sussex, if it’s not the Devil that makes an appearance, then it’s likely to be a dragon.”
― Michael O’Leary

This quote made me chuckle because the tiny little village my family comes from in Sussex is famous for it’s Giant who is buried in the church but also is reputed to haunt the bridge over the river which is aptly named Groaning Bridge. Sussex is absolutely packed with stories like this. Full of ghosts tales, smugglers, monsters and magic.

Last week we took a little holiday to Rye in East Sussex. The purpose was really to take my Mum to see her family down there as she can’t drive that far any more but it is a little corner of this country that I love and holds lots of happy precious memories for me from childhood onwards, including ones with Michael from previous trips we have taken.

Luckily my parents spent most afternoons with family so that gave Michael and I time for just us. Time to explore, relive some memories and of course make some new ones. There were also doughnuts and candy floss because well you can’t go to the seaside and not indulge a bit.

In Hastings there is still an active fishing fleet. You can even buy fish straight off the boats down under the cliffs. As there is not a harbour in Hastings the boats are pulled up on the shingle beach when they are not out fishing. There is lots of them too and you can wander around them all. I love doing that and reading all their names.

Sadly Brexit has had a massive impact on the fishing fleet here. 90% of their stock was sold to France as they catch a lot of Herring and Lobster both of which are more popular in France than here. The government also promised to limit the amount British supertrawlers could fish in UK waters in favour of smaller fishing fleets being able to fish more in a move to regenerate the small fishing fleets of the UK and support more sustainable fishing. In typical Tory fashion promises mean nothing and that has not happened. The result is an industry struggling to survive more so than ever before. It is definitely a case of them being sold an out and out lie by Brexiteers.

I hope they manage to find a way through though because I can’t imagine Hastings without them. They are part of the heart of this seaside town that holds a special place in my heart, Which makes it the perfect spot to get another notch on my Scavenger Hunt bedpost.

As soon as I saw this boat I knew this was the one to help me with my task because her name was perfect. Whilst I didn’t grown up in Sussex I spent a great deal of my childhood here and have a special bond with the place. So I present to you Sussex girl, Molly style!

Molly standing under fishing boat called Sussex girl with her top pulled down and tits showing
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Ogden September 21, 2022 - 6:39 pm

What a pleasant surprise to see such a lovely pair! I hadn’t realised whose blog I was reading!!

Bee September 24, 2022 - 12:08 pm

Absolutely brilliantand so perfectly you. I think your smile says it all. And it’s a real shame the fleet there is dwindling, I’ve had so many happy memories there myself.

Molly Moore January 16, 2023 - 3:38 pm

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