Out Standing In My Field

By on May 22, 2012.

23rd May 2012

Yesterday summertime finally arrived in the UK. After the many weeks of wind, rain, grey skies and cold it was truly wonderful to at last see some sunshine. Rumour has it that this weather is going to last for 2 whole days and so it was decided that we would make the most of this opportunity. Actually that makes it sound like we had this planned, which we didn’t. The only plan was to drive to the nearby old railway line and walk the crazy dog. Luckily I rarely leave the house without my camera these days and so when I was presented with a golden opportunity to snag another Scavenger Hunt location I was all set to go. All I had to do was lose my clothes.

For once I am not going to write tons of stuff to go with these images. I think they speak for themselves (and are well worth clicking on to see in full size) but I will say that although this looks like a secluded spot these fields of rapeseed are right next to a fairly well frequented footpath. The exhibitionist in me was very excited by the possibility of giving one of the many cyclists who use this path a distracting view of the landscape but much to my disappointment the only one who went past did so just as I pulled my t-shirt back down over my head.

crouching in rapeseed field naked

hidding in a field of crops

field of rapeseed naked woman

Naked woman in field of corn

naked woman in a field of rapeseed

topless in a field of rapeseed

naked in a field of rapeseed


Ps… This takes care of the ‘field’ category in the Scavenger Hunt and is No. 15 on my list of places achieved so far. Click the icons below to find out more about the Scavenger Hunt and to see who else is joining in with Wanton Wednesday

Gold Award

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  1. What a bounty of beauty. And you, smack in the middle. You look stunning and saucy. Yellow suits you, as does love.

    ~Newt Kai

  2. I love it just like what I do myself you are not the only one to enjoy a naked romp in the rape fields in the hope of being spied by passers by

  3. These are beautiful! I especially love the last photo and the expression on your face 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Molly, these photos, but especially Outstanding in my Field, show you in all your glory. The beauty of you–sexy, confident, bold. Soaking up the sun so you can shine amongst us all…

  5. I love the progression of these lovely photos, and the last one is just epic! you look so beautiful nude in the field, as if you’re one with nature 🙂

  6. These pictures are incredible: Artistic, playful, sexy. We love the focus on the rapeseed in the first three shots, with your face out-of-focus in the background. The final shot, however, is our favorite of the batch. You look lovely, your skin aglow under the sunshine. We hope you enjoy the beautiful weather!

    And the title of this post was an excellent play on words.

  7. e[lust] #37 | Frisky in the 916Frisky in the 916

  8. E Lust 37 | Sweeten Dirty

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