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With every breath I take

Molly's lips with breath in colours coming out of her mouth

Put your hand over my mouth to silence my protests as you bury your cock in me. Under your breath tell me to hush and take it like a good girl, that you know I want it because how wet I am and how you can feel my cunt tighten around you as you drive yourself into me and even though I thrash and squirm beneath you don’t stop. Don’t let me win because I like it best when you win.

In that scenario, or something similar, then a hand over my mouth is more than welcome. I have a fairly vivid fantasy of coming home and being greeted by a masked gloved man who silences my screams and pleas with a gloved hand, the rich smell of leather filling my nostrils as he fills my body with his cock and eventually his come.

But when it comes to being able to breathe that hand over my mouth better not go anywhere near my nose.

I can’t stand anything being over my mouth and nose, just the thought makes me feel a bit anxious. At night I sleep with the duvet kind of tucked under my chin because I like my face to be ‘out in the open’. Now that my hair is so long I have to tie it back at night otherwise I wake up in a panic that I am being smothered. I love my long hair but I refuse to allow it to indulge in non consensual breath play with me while I sleep.

There are many kinks that when I started exploring this side of me I listed down as “no’s” or “probably not” but over the years I have discovered that being opened minded about those things is important because many of those have turned into “hell yeahs” when I have explored them more, needle play, blood play and knives spring to mind as some examples but breath play is one of those ones that has most definitely stayed firmly on my hard limit list

For me breath play it is an edge play too far. I feel like the opportunity for things to go wrong is fairly high and that it is something where mistakes can have fairly fatal consequences. It is an activity that I think shouldn’t be done without some sort of training or extensive reading on how best to do it and how to mitigate the risks involved. After all it is possible to drown in a puddle of water which in my opinion means it is possible to die with a pillow being held over your face in a surprisingly quick amount of time and if you just happen to be restrained as well then clearly your chance to indicate something is wrong is fairly severely limited.

I am a firm believer in your kink is not my kink and your kink is OK and breath play definitely falls into the category. It is most definitely not a kink for me but I know it is something that works for a lot of people for different reasons and I totally respect that and support your decision to indulge in it. If anyone asked me for advice with regards to breath play though I would pretty much point them to the paragraph above and say, educate yourself, read, read and then read some more and really think about all the potential things that could go wrong and plan accordingly to mitigate them and also be really aware that regardless of whether you are the one receiving or giving what you are doing is not called edge play for nothing. Understand the risks and make educated decisions.

Oh and never try and do it with me! *grins

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  • Marie Rebelle

    Your face out in the open… I am exactly the same. I can’t stand anything cutting off my breath. My post will go live on Friday. I am once again surprised at how similar we are…

    Rebel xox

  • Mrs Fever

    I totally get you on having to tie your hair back to sleep. My hair is quite long and I have woken in the night more than once feeling strangled by it.

    I can also relate to the “don’t block my airway” sentiment. That’s especially true for me in/around water. I know a lot of people find showering together to be sexy, but I can’t stand it! Having to block water from splashing in my face while feeling overheated/crowded by another body in a tight space… *shudder* I feel like I can’t breathe, and then I truly CAN’T breathe, because PANIC ATTACK. Which leads to Feve Inflicting Injury On Others. *laugh*

    So, no. Not for me.


    I enjoyed your post. Thank you for playing along! 🙂

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Yes totally agree . . . definitely not my thing either. Neither as recipient . . . nor as administrator !!!
    And, anyway, Hubby over my shoulder telling me my mouth is never closed long enough to make breath play possible with me !!!
    Xxx – K

  • Mosscat

    Yup. Mess with my breathing and it’s panic time. A shushing hand over my mouth, however, is a whole different shade of uunngh!

  • May

    I am so particular with the quilt and it is ok over my mouth but not my nose! I get scared – feel like I am being suffocated, panic, not in a good way – yes – I would be wary sexually about this too Happy to have my throat tightened just a tiny bit but that is it – I am a wimp or wise – who knows x

  • Victoria Blisse

    I am the same way with the duvet – I can’t stand having my face covered when I sleep. I surprisingly love breath play. I only indulge in it with people I trust implicitly but never thought I’d even do that. I never thought I’d be into it, I was scared of it, but 2 very good friends introduced me to it and now H and I indulge in it now and then. I agree though, it’s not something to be indulged in lightly!

  • Bee

    I have been known to bury right under the covers in winter, or if there’s a thunderstorm!

    But I’m with you, having my breath restricted just isn’t for me.

  • Francesca Demont

    As a child, I was scared to put my head under water. Then I discovered snorkeling masks, all of a sudden, I could breath and see under water. The world sound and looks different. I’m with you that it’s scary and I won’t do any breathplay unless I can free myself. But the state where the world around me begins to change is addictive. Thanks for a great and honest (kind of redundant, sorry.) post.

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