My best friend.

by Molly Moore

April 10th 2010


It’s the most comforting sound, just writing that word I can hear it in my ears, that big deep chuckle that he has. “Hello young lady”……that is what I usually hear when I answer the phone to him. His voice is soft, gentle, controlled, deep, and it has the most perfect southern drawl to it. I love his voice and that chuckle…….no matter what is happening in my life that voice is like a tonic to me.

He is my best friend. We have a built friendship over the last 18 months that seems to have stood everything that has been thrown at it and it is the most unlikely of friendships I guess. He is older than me…..can I tell them I wonder……well I am 37 but I will leave it up to him to reveal his grand age *grins. We are divided by countries, gender, age, life experiences, pretty much everything really but yet none of that seems to matter one iota as we just GET each other. It’s one of the easiest and most rewarding friendships I have ever had and he is one of the most faithful and solid friends I have had the pleasure of having.

No matter what, if I need him he will do anything to spend even a few short moments with me holding me tight. He talks the most sense I have ever heard come out of another human beings mouth. He listens and understands, he encourages me and he tells me when to hush. He will tell me when I am wrong, or when I am missing something, and when I am feeling sorry for myself he will give me a verbal roughing up and set me back on my path again. He has listened to me cry and rage and ask questions of myself and on many occasions he has helped me find the answers. He shares in my joy, in my achievements, in my life as a whole. He is my friend and I am truly blessed to have him as such.

He will hate this, that I have written about this about him, I can hear him grumbling me now but that is another thing about my friend, he has absolutely no idea quite what a remarkable man he is. He is honest, decent, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and if you are short of a sensible view-point and some words of wisdom to help clear your thoughts then he is your man. I am not the only one to think this, I have spoken to enough other people who know him, to know that it is not just me, that others see what I see, but even though they do, other don’t get him like I do. I know that man. I know when he is sad, or lonely, when he feels like giving up or giving in, when he is cross, or even down right, spitting with rage angry, I know when he is happy, when is content, when he is satisfied and when he is sure of himself. I know when he is hurting, when is confused (which is extremely rare) and when tired or just battered down by life. I know the things in his life that bring him joy and those that make his heart ache, but then he is my best friend, and what sort of friend would I be in return if I didn’t know these thing.

Tomorrow I am meeting my best friend. Just writing that line made a broad smile burst across my face. I have some ‘things’ to deliver on other people’s behalf and I know that some arrangement for tomorrow are still unknown to me, but I trust in them both so all will be well. Tomorrow I will get my hug and finally look into the eyes of my best friend and hear………chuckle!


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Aphrodite April 10, 2010 - 6:54 am

To have a friend like that Molly is a true gift you are fortunate in deed, and i have a smile on my face after reading your post, and the thought of you being able to meet and spend time with him. Have a brilliant time. Thank you for sharing with us.

PS For some reason I am in trouble again LOL apparently we have been up to no good???

gearjammerdc April 11, 2010 - 2:02 am

Well well well. Let’s start, shall we?

You said I would grumble, and I did. It feels somehow egotistical to agree with you when you say things like this. Saying “thank you” alone feels like I’m saying “yep, you’re right, I’m a damned good fellow.”

Still, you and SJ have both been on me about not dishonoring a friend’s opinion and essentially arguing with it.

So, thank you, Molly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I am half the friend to you that you have been to me, then I’ll have done well. You talk about what I’ve done for you, but when my little world came to a screeching halt at about 6 pm my time, you were right there, and I didn’t hear one damn word about a Dom falling apart like that. By the way, it was 11pm your time, but you were there.

He who would have a friend must show himself friendly. That’s not a perfect quote, but it’s close. There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. I never had a brother, or a sister. I sure am glad I have you.

Damn proud to be the fellow Mollly is talking about here, without egotism, just glad to be worth that much to someone.


V April 11, 2010 - 6:57 am

Huggssss to the both of you 😀

Love V

moco April 29, 2010 - 1:29 pm

You have described your friend in a most perfect fashion. Reading your blog and your description of him made me giggle, you left out one thing though….his deep rumbling growl…lol.

mollyskiss April 29, 2010 - 1:57 pm

Hey Moco….Thanks for the comment and for reading….
Notice I mentioned the ‘chuckle’. As his friend….I do try not to intsigate the ‘growl’ too much….LOL…..but I have heard it upon occassion!

Missi December 29, 2012 - 1:51 am

Molly so well said…i cried my way through this entire post.i remember this meeting well. He was so happy to meet you and hug you. We were both so lucky to have this wonderful man love us. i dont know what i am going to do without Him



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