The room

by Molly Moore

5th March 2010

The room has white walls and black curtains at the window. The light shines in over his shoulder as I watch him work. Lifting the bed he attaches metal eyelets to each corner of the sturdy wooden frame. There is a moment of concern that any other house guest they may have will be able to see them, but she is quickly reassured that that is not the case. On one wall he has fixed a mirror and a place to hang his guitar. I watch as he takes it in his arms and plays, he tells me it needs restringing but it sounds perfect to me and I ask him if he will play for me when I am there. He smiles and says yes.

On the wall at the foot of the bed is the new dresser and lamp and mounted above it is the TV. So far so good with the TV, the lack of struts in the wall being a bit of an issue but I am told it has yet to come tumbling down and in my experience, I have found, that when he says something will be OK, it invariably is.

However, my eyes cannot help but be drawn to the 3rd wall, the one on the right hand of the bed.  For it is here that he has hung a row of coat hooks. Sounds useful, don’t you think? Somewhere for me to hang my coat, or bag, or dressing gown maybe….. He smiles at me….. “Oh no” he says “somewhere for me to hang you!” And then he shows me what he has hanging on the hooks, Chains and clips so they can be attached to the bed, a ring gag, the sight of which makes me groan, a crop, and finally the cane, his cane, the one he intends to use on me.

I am whimpering now, eyes ablaze with passion and desire, part of me wanting to submit immediately and the other side of me wanting to fight back and say….. “NO, you are not doing that to me”. I imagine defying him, getting up to leave the room….. “No, that’s enough, you got me all wrong” but I know he would grab my wrist, pull me too him and say…… “Don’t fight it my love, my slut, you know you want this and it will be easier for us both if you accept it, but either way, you will get it”…..  He spins me round to face the mirror, one hand in my hair holding my head firmly in place so I have no choice but to look, the other holding both my wrists together behind my back.

“And the big hook in the middle slut, can you see it? That hook is just for you. That will be where I shall hang you. I shall pull the clothes from your body and expose you soft tender flesh to me. The height is just right my slut, I measured it so that it will stretch you a little for me, but you shall go on that hook my love” ……In the mirror I can see the whole room reflected back at me, just like I am observing it on a screen. It is his room, but he has got it ready for me……and, I know, in my heart that I am ready for whatever the room has in store for me!


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