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The Friday Before The Saturday

18th March 2011

YES!!! It’s here, Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Can you tell I am happy about this? The last day of my torturous orgasm free week is finally here and I have decided that unlike Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the slowest of them all Thursday, Friday is going to zoom by. For a start it is going to be a pretty busy one for me. This morning I must up and away to task 1 of the day, then return to spend an hour of 2 with Him before he heads off to work and then I must head out again to task 2.

I won’t bore you with the contents of task 1 and 2, trust me, they are dull but they do have to be completed before I can get onto the really exciting part of Friday which will be me making myself ready for Saturday. I have nails to paint, bed sheets to change, floors to clean and 2 children to get ready for their weekend at Dads, which luckily just happens to fall on this weekend when Mummy is going to be a bit busy CUMMMMMIIINNNNGGGGGGGGG! Or so she hopes.

I know my Friday might not sound that exciting but to me it is. To me it will be full of anticipation, excitement, purpose and a throbbing aching cum deprived pussy to attend too. Yes, I am still obsessed with it, still touching it, still driving myself slowly insane with the constant need to keep exploring it, still fighting the urge to just give in and rub my swollen little clit just that one time too many and be done with it, but as I said on Wednesday (this time through gritted teeth)….. I won’t! I won’t! I won’t!

When he arrives at the airport he will find a wet, wanton, ready, fucktoy waiting for Him in the arrivals hall. Oh I can’t wait to be touched, kissed, held, hugged, fucked and used, but you know what, I also cannot wait to just be. You know those peaceful moments you share with someone when words are not needed but you know that if they were said they would probably be along the lines of…. I love you.


Ps….Don’t panic, I didn’t forget it was fucktoy Friday I just thought I would make you wait for that bit, well I have had to learn to wait this week so why shouldn’t you. For this weeks fucktoy Friday I thought I would go for a compare and contrast theme. So, here is my arse today. I wonder what it will look like next fucktoy Friday……

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  • domsigns

    I take this post as a challenge to make the next Friday picture something extra schmecial …. I promise not to let you down 😀

    • mollyskiss

      Are you saying this picture is not special? 😀


      • Signs

        I’m saying the next one will even be more schmecial 😀

  • duchess

    I wiggled in my chair in anticipation with you molly. We are down to 21 days! I can only imagine how excited you are. Can’t you just feel your skin tingle, even now?

    • mollyskiss

      oh yes….my skin tingles and my mouth salivates at the thought of it all.


  • just a lovely arse :)))))))))))))

    wonder it will nice a red on Monday

    or nice and …… all weekend

    would love to know and see the results

    • mollyskiss

      oh I am sure the results will be revealed……


  • DickDykeDick

    Cumgratulations on holding on … and holding out. Tomorrow’s the day!!! I’m thrilled for you both. Enjoy your precious time together.

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