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Sexy is that look in his eye when I say no, the slow easy smile that spreads across his lips as he advances across the room towards me and the way he chuckles when I start to back away

Sexy is being cornered, my back up against the wall his hands reaching out to me.

Sexy is the thrill of this moment, the promise of his revenge

Sexy is his mouth upon my neck, his hands holding my wrists, the tightening of the cuffs, the sound of the belt slipping through the loops of trousers.

Sexy is the fight within myself, the defiance that courses through my veins in sharp contrast to the desire that pulses between my thighs

Sexy is that look I give him, the one that says I will not give in that flashes in my eyes despite the fact I am helpless bound by my wrist to the ceiling.

Sexy if the cold press of steel against my flesh as he cuts my clothes from my body and the whispered words of warning that tell me to be still

Sexy is that moment when he steps back and admires his handy work, the feel of his eyes on me as he contemplates what is coming next

Sexy is his hands on me, exploring and teasing, the first bite of the belt, the heavy thud of the flogger, the dance of pain and pleasure

Sexy is the heat, the tears, the cries and moans

Sexy is his body up against mine, the hard press of his cock between my thighs, the moment when he takes me, filling me up and consuming me, his fingers searching out my clit.

Sexy is the shuddering orgasms, the hot sticky stream of cum, the pulsing of my cunt, the breathless desperate struggle to give and be given.

Sexy is the moment when he catches me in his arms as I fall, the warm blanket, the tender touch, the safety of his embrace, the whispers words of love and devotion.

Sexy is; intelligence, humour, strength, knowledge, connections and fun. Sometimes sexy is soft, gentle, tender and slow and sometimes sexy is dark, dangerous, consuming and breathless. The fight for power.

 woman collar and leash


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  • Jane

    Really beautiful, Molly. So eloquent. I can picture every moment of this. Jane x

  • V

    Sexy is… THAT picture!!!!


  • KaziGrrl

    Sexy is definitely everything about this post! I could *feel* it… and now I have to go to work all hot and bothered..!

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Persephone

    All those things are very sexy indeed. And that photo is supremely sexy!

  • fridayam

    A lovely piece;) x

  • Harper Eliot

    Oh, I particularly like that last one…

  • Marie Rebelle

    If ever anyone asks me again what sexy is, I will send them here. You’ve captured it perfectly!

    Love the photo!

    Rebel xox

  • Eva St. James

    I love the way you used one word to express so much! thank you, lovely play on “sexy.”

  • Cammies on the floor

    Sexy is certainly the anticipation, the banter, the struggle, the build up, the tension, and the release and love that you described so eloquently.

  • Malflic

    A very sexy post that made me think about what is sexy from my own perspective.

  • H.H.

    Sexy is. . . Molly!

  • SeanJameson

    Particularly liked, “Sexy is the heat, the tears, the cries and moans”

  • Mia

    You have captured sexy so beautifully. The picture is just stunning!

    ~Mia~ xx

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