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This post has currently been removed as it has been submitted for publication.



Ps… Wank Wednesday’s word is #hitch. Be sure to check out all the other people being Wanton and Wanky today.


  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • Curvaceous Dee


    I’ll be in my bunk!

    xx Dee

  • Clive

    WOW – I can’t wait πŸ™‚ and I bet you can’t Molly :). That was hot xxx

  • G&N

    “They have paid their money slut, to see you. Have they paid for more than just a look? I can almost hear you wondering……”

    It’s sure they would love to pay and wait in line in order to fondle your body and shove their fingers deep inside your wet pussy… and a lot more than that…

  • PixelKitten

    I…may need a moment or two (or ten) alone. *purrs* very sexy.

    • mollyskiss

      Seems this post had that effect on a few people today.


  • Wynn Scarlett Frost

    *fans self* LOL.


  • Annabelle

    Vrry nice! πŸ™‚


  • Annie Player

    “Look at you grinding down on my hand…”

    Grr – it’s like you’re talking directly to me whilst holding my now blurry gaze!


  • Stranded

    For some reason, I’m hearing the voice of Howard Jones singing “Life Me Up” as I’m reading this…are you hiding him under there?

  • Goddess Aphrodite

    Ohhhhh…this is sooooo wonderful. Did make me squirm and get a bit mushy as well. Thank-you…beautiful writing! πŸ™‚

    • mollyskiss

      Nothing like making a girl squirm!


  • KaziGrrl

    Hot, hot, hot! πŸ™‚

    I need to join those ladies for some alone time…

  • ErikasNotebook

    Kind of leaves you speechless (in a good way) with a lot of other things on your mind. That was really,, really good…

  • HisPleasuresnPearls

    mmmm…ohhh Molly this is a god one ~ Talk about sexy…

  • HisPleasuresnPearls

    * Good ~ Damn typos…lol

  • HisPleasuresnPearls

    giggling ~ Nothing like a typo…sry! πŸ˜‰

  • ddd

    Molly, this just may be your best post ever. Or at least the hottest. And the photo is fantastic. It feels very Victorian, in a very naughty kind of way. Carry on, my girl.

    • mollyskiss

      It seems this post hit the mark with quite a few people……which is funny as I was very unsure about it.


  • Aussiescribbler

    I agree with everyone else. Hot stuff! :o)

  • Gene

    Mmm, very hot, made me twitch to life, oh yes. The display, the use. Loved it!

  • Dalide B

    *fans self* You have a certain way with words. One that turns me on…

  • Suzanne Hamilton

    You just made me wet too, what a delicious scenario. x

  • HighHeels

    WOW Molly that was very sexy. I could picture it all in my mind and felt like I was there. Desperate to cum but I feel like making myself wait πŸ˜‰

  • Livi

    Holy…..! That is HOT!

  • RickStar

    Hi Molly , just wanted to Say Nice blog πŸ™‚

  • bel69

    Breathless… you were able to build such an erotic tension on this one, it was so hot and dirty that I simply couldn’t stop reading till the very last word!

    Powerful writing. Now I need some time to… ehem… recover ;P

  • Beau

    ‘that little whimper gives you away every time’

    I made that whimper while reading this. Wow! love it!!

    BEau x

  • Kaori-Chan

    That is HOT!!

  • sweet_p

    hi Molly
    Just as good as the first time I read it. The tension still makes me squirm. Whenever you doubt your writing ability, pull this out again!

  • Penny

    Thanks for sending me the link to this one; it did not disappoint! Super hot writing and photo to match!

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