Order and Chaos – A Love Story

by Molly Moore
Two topless pictures of Molly side by side. One she is calm and smiling the other she is wild and screaming for fiction story about Order and Chaos
I had this idea in my head for weeks now. Sounds great but the issue with that is when I come to get it out my head I have often over thunk it and it ends up not working. A bit of that happened with this and I nearly ditched it when I was about half way through as I just couldn’t get it to flow but then on our walk this morning I suddenly had an idea of how to maybe make it work. At the very least to get it to an ending. It’s maybe not exactly what I envisioned but I am actually pleased with it. Also I love that my new meme is getting me writing and in this case just playing with an idea and going for it. Not everything has to be polished and not everything has to be perfect.


Jenny pulled the door of her little home office to. Not shut because otherwise the cat gets grumpy, but just enough to help keep the little room warm and hopefully deter Gracie from popping in. She loved her wife very much but damn she could be distracting. Usually she would be at work too but schools had not started back and so Gracie was happily lounging around the house in her PJ’s whilst Jenny was firmly back at work.

Jenny settled down at her desk. Before the Christmas break she has given a good tidy up so that today, order and space was what greeted her. Just her keyboard and her desk tidy of pens. Last years planner sat open on the week running up to Christmas just where she had left it. She checked there was nothing on that last week she had missed and once satisfied snapped it shut and discarded the book into the floor behind her. She would file it away later, replacing last years with this one. She always kept them for one year. Just in case.

Jenny laid out her Christmas gifts before her. A new planner, well that was not a gift, she always bought that one herself, but a wall calender, some new pens, a diary, a bullet list notepad and a pack of dot stickers in various colours as well as some gold stars. Jenny put those in the little desk tidy file bit. She used the coloured dots to mark out important things in her calender or planner or to match up projects and the gold stars she used to denote urgent/important things. Although she also used them sometimes in her diary that she wrote every night as a reward for a job well done.

Jenny was organised.

She had always been this way since school. She believed it was the key to everything. To getting her qualification, a job, a home and even Grace. If she had not been organised they would probably still be living apart and just wandering back and forth from Grace’s apartment to Jenny’s apartment rather than married and living together in their own little house. Jenny got things done.

Jenny loved order. She loved diaries and planner but also spreadsheets and routine. She planned everything. Well as much as she could living with Grace, who was the chaos in her life but when there Jenny’s love of order and systems had rubbed off and she now had Grace using the little white board in the kitchen to note down the things they were out of and needed to go on the shopping list. She also had managed to convince her to set a number of alarms in her phone to remind her of things like, when to put the bins out.

Chaos looked down at Jenny. A wicked grin spread across his lips. The problem with Order was that he had to work so hard to keep everything in check. It was constant whereas Chaos just got to hang around and enjoy himself and wait. His time always came and when it did he mostly had to do very little to make his presence felt. Chaos was a master at subtlety unlike Order who was like a marching band constantly demanding attention.

Having organised her new supplies Jenny set to work. She would work until 10.30 and then go and make a cup of coffee. She would then work until 12.30 then take 40 minutes for her lunch. Then in the afternoon she would make tea at 3pm and finish work at 5.30pm.

Chaos pondered his options; the cat, Gracie, the door bell. Did he want to totally derail her day or just cause a little blip in things? Oh the possibilities. Oh the excitement. Just the thought of dislodging some of Orders hard work made his cock twitch. He loved fucking with Order. He loved fucking Order but that required Order to be so off his game that when Chaos appeared all throbbing hard dick and devilish smile he couldn’t resist turning his back on everything he held dear just for a little while giving himself up to a good fucking by Chaos.

Jenny glanced at the clock as the doorbell rang. Luckily Gracie was in so she didn’t give it another though as she kept working. As she heard the door slam everything on her screen suddenly went dark. What? she thought to herself angrily. Not now. She tried turning her computer back on but nothing.

Chaos grinned. All it required was to distract one person, a bee landing on their face, to cause them to cut through something they shouldn’t and suddenly you had so much Chaos. All of Orders work undone by a bee. Chaos loved bees. They were such useful creatures. You could change the whole course of numerous people’s day with just one single bee.

When Jenny appeared downstairs Gracie was laying on the sofa wearing just a t-shirt. No PJ bottoms, no knickers. Jenny ignored her and header straight for the fuse box only to find that everything was as it should be. She marched to the front door, slipped on her outside flipflops that she kept neatly lined up by the door and headed round to their neighbour. Gracie was still laying on the sofa when Jenny returned to tell her that it was obviously a power-cut as next door didn’t have any electricity either.

Order banged his fist down on the desk. Rage coursed through him. ‘Fucking Chaos’ he shouted. ‘You called’ purred a voice from behind him.

“Seriously, you can fuck off. I don’t want to see you or hear you or….”

Orders rant petered out as he turned to look over his shoulder and was greeted with the sight of Chaos standing in the doorway wearing just sweatpants. His beautiful chest was covered in a smattering of dark hair, that seemed to draw the eye down towards his groin where the outline of his semi erect cock was unmistakable.

Order bunched his fingers into fists digging his nails into the palm of his hand. Why the hell did he have the share the universe with this infuriating individual and why did he have to look like that?

Jenny flopped down on the sofa next to Gracie’s feet, “How fucking annoying” she complained

Gracie grinned to herself. Jenny rarely swore, well not unless Gracie had her tied to the bed but in every day settings the worst she usually uttered was a bugger or a damn. Gracie sat up, tucking her feet under her and leant in and kissed Jenny full on the lips. For a moment Jenny seemed to stiffen and almost pull back but then Gracie wrapped a hand round the back of her neck and pulled her in towards her and Jenny softened.

“Or what?” purred Chaos in Orders ear. “Or taste me, touch me, fuck me?” Chaos taunted.

Order tried to steady his breathing, tried to ignore the warmth of Chaos’ breath on the back of his neck and tried to ignore the feel of his own dick starting to harden beneath his desk.

Gracie’s dragged her nails down Jenny’s thighs as she found the firm knot of her clit with her mouth. Jenny lay back on the sofa, her legs spread wide, her skirt hitched up round her hips and her Monday knickers discarded on the floor next to her. She mewed in response to the contrasting sensations. Heat, wetness and pressure on her clit and stinging scratches on her thighs.

Order braced his hands on his desk and closed his eyes shutting out all his work. Just for a moment, he told himself as Chaos thrust his cock in and out of Orders arse. This would definitely be the last time, Order thought to himself as he felt Chaos reach round and grab his erection firmly in his hand. Chaos laughed as he fucked Order. He loved these moments so much, watching Order crumple, hearing him moan and push back on his dick. Despite all his pretence secretly Order was a little slut for Chaos. He would could only find peace and satisfaction in everything being controlled for so long and Chaos seemed to know just the moment to turn up and to exploit that.

Jenny came so hard with her cunt full of Gracie’s hand and her own fingers rubbing her clit that she farted. Shame flushed her cheeks but Gracie’s laughed in delight. She loved fucking Jenny and she loved fucking with Jenny’s need to have everything just so. Gracie’s slowly, gently eased her fist from Jenny’s body and then held it up to Jenny’s face showing her how it glistened with her juices.

Order groans as he comes, both because it feels so fucking good but also because somehow Chaos has managed to direct his jizz onto his desk and now his work is splattered with his own shameful secret. Moments later Chaos’s grunts and groans join Orders as he fucks his seed deep into Orders butt.

Gracie crawled up onto the sofa next to Jenny and gathered her up in her arms. Stroking her hair and planting little kisses on her forehead. There should be power cuts more often she things to herself and she breaths in the scent of Jenny’s arousal. Jenny sighs, her body totally relaxed after the mind blowing orgasm but she can’t help thinking that really she should get up and see if the power was back on

Order sinks down into his chair. His breath still uneven. He glances at his work. He really should get things back under control he thinks to himself but then Chaos leans over and runs his fingers through the cum on Orders desk and offers it up to Orders face.

‘God you are chaos’, she complains, as Gracie guides Jenny’s head down between her tights. ‘I didn’t cause the power cut’ Gracie replies she spreads her legs for her wife. ‘I wouldn’t put it past you,’ mumbles Jenny just before sinking her mouth over Gracie’s already throbbing clit.

Chaos slumps down on the large plush sofa he has installed in this room. What a perfect day he thinks to himself. Order slumps down in his desk chair, glancing at all the mess and thinks, what a nightmare but then Chaos sighs, Order looks over at him and a little flutter of something erupts in his chest. Order realises he loves Chaos. Without Chaos what would be the point of Order. He would just sit there and everything would just tick on in one certain direction. In fact without Chaos maybe Order wouldn’t even exist.

Chaos grins at him. He loves Order. All the fun in his life, all the good things, all the happiness is connected to Order and he just can’t get enough of him.

Gracie and Jenny snuggle on the sofa. The electricity is still off so they made tea boiling water on the gas hob and are now drinking that and eating chocolate biscuits. Jenny sighs. Happiness floods her body. She loves the chaos in her life, without Gracie Jenny would be all work and no play. Gracie sips her tea, satisfaction filling her heart. She loves the order in her life, without Jenny her life would be chaos and she knew from past experience that was just exhausting.

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Floss January 10, 2023 - 8:03 pm

Oh this is wonderful Molly! As a chaos heavy human, I can absolutely imagine this being the reasoning behind it. Brilliantly done and an inspired idea x

Ogden January 10, 2023 - 8:51 pm

What a good piece of writing!

Kenneth Benoit aka Benke January 10, 2023 - 9:48 pm

Beautifully written. I think, no Believe that everyone needs some chaos in thier live . Everyone needs a some relief from their normal routine, some spontinatey,

David Mei January 11, 2023 - 10:29 pm

I liked it a lot.
Being Chaos to Kitten’s order I could empathize with your characters.

Cara Thereon January 13, 2023 - 12:28 pm

Oh I loved this. Perfect for each other, aren’t they?

Molly Moore January 14, 2023 - 4:09 pm

Yes they are. You need an opposing force to rub up against sometimes *laughs



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