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His turn in the shower

Molly's face in cricle of steamy mirror

He reaches over my shoulder and uses his hand to wipe away a circle of the condensation that has gathered on the mirror while I was taking shower. The movement causes him to press his body into mine and I smile up his reflection as I feel the firm outline of his dick pressing into the plump flesh of my bottom.

He holds my gaze for a moment and then drops his mouth to my neck. My skin is still damp from the shower, his tongue flicks across it followed my his lips and then his teeth. A little shiver cross my shoulders as I watch him in the mirror. A small moan fills the air between us as his pushes the front of the towel down and rolls one of my nipples between thumb and forefinger. His touch is purposeful, demanding, it leaves no doubt about what he intends to do.

He drags the towel up over my ass. His cock is thick and hard, pressed up between our bodies. He steps back slightly, just enough so that he can reach between us. I watch in the mirror, the unmistakable movement in his shoulder as he strokes himself. I let the towel fall and he kicks it to one side as he pushes me forward slightly over the bathroom counter and positions himself between my damp thighs.

We are both captivated by our reflection. He is watching himself fuck me and I am watching myself getting fucked and at the same time we are watching one another and I can barely bring myself to blink for fear of missing a moment. His fingers dig in my hips as he pulls me back onto his cock, trying to get as much of himself into me as he can. I reach between my thighs and find the sensitive knot of flesh that is my clit. Tracing my finger tip across it makes the muscles inside my cunt tighten and it is his turn to let out a little groan.

I knowing smile passes across my face as I do it again. There is an odd thrill in having an element of power over his body in this moment. He sees it in my eyes and smiles back at me. His teeth are sharp and unforgiving on the tender flesh of my neck as he flips the tables on me. I am like prey in his grasp, trying to control the urge to struggle knowing it will only hurt more if I do and he fucks me harder and deeper and I watch myself being defiled in the mirror. My orgasms pulses through my body and his joins in moments later. We stay like that, locked together, his cock still hard inside me, just looking, watching, absorbing the sight of one another until finally he slips from my body. He leaves a bright handprint on my bottom as he declares it his turn in the shower.

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