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T is for Thunder and how Covid 19 gifted me one of the hottest dates ever.

It had been about 10 days since our first date. We had been messaging a lot and that initial spark of attraction seemed to developing into something fairly heated.

I suggested the pub. Because of Covid covered outdoor seating was needed so I didn’t have to go indoors. He, in a gentlemanly move, took time out of his day and went and actually visited the pub beforehand to check, booking a table in the covered seating area while he did. You will see why that turned out to be a brilliant move soon.

The day was hot. One of those sultry summer days where the sun baked the earth and everything seemed to hold it’s breath in the still hot air but as the day wore on the sky became heavy with cloud which did nothing to cool things down, in fact quite the opposite.

I picked out a colbalt blue summer dress, it just seemed to match the energy in the atmosphere, a little open knit cardigan and my black flip flops. I had intended to wear heals but decided it was far to hot for such things.

He was early. I was starting to suspect, correctly, that was his way and so when I got there he was sitting waiting for me. He had ordered me a drink, the same I had ordered the first time we met. He said he hoped it was OK but if not he would get me something else. His care and attention to details made me smile.

We had food, and talked. About his work and mine and various other topics but the whole time there was this underlying current of attraction that buzzed between us. I kept catching him looking at me with those dark eyes like he was drinking me in and my eyes kept dipping down his body to the v of white shirt under his chin and how it fit across his chest and showed of the shape of his shoulders.

In the distance I can hear it. The first rumbles of thunder deep and throaty as if a far of giant is snoring and the first few drops of rainfall start to patter on the awning above us.

“You know what’s sexy” I finally blurted out

“No, what?” he replies, his dark eyes appraising me

A well fitted white shirt

His fingers the white fabrics at the open buttons as he grins at me

“I have a lot of them, they are my favourite. I like wearing a white shirt” he responds. What about you?

“Yes I like wearing one too” I reply reading his mind, not that he realises that yet

“No, I don’t mean your shirt.”

Oh I know you don’t, and the answer is still yes. The only question is white, black or red underwear?

The answer, according to him, is white underwear. I took note and used that information to my advantage at a later date (a story for another time)

Then it happens. A bright flicker of lightening illuminates the shadows around us and I hold my breath waiting for it, for that perfect moment when then thunder roars. It happens just seconds later. It is no longer a distant snoring giant but a deep threatening boom that you can feel inside your chest. He seems unmoved by it and the sounds masks the little moan that escapes my mouth.

“You know what else is sexy?” I ask

“Go on” he prompts

Thunder storms. Thunder is sexy as fucking hell.”

As I said that another bolt of lightening lights the sky above us and almost instantly the thunder roars back in response. The storm is almost above us now and the rain is coming down so fast that it is running in a cascade of water down into the far end of the awning and into the corner of the patio. The people at the table near the edge are forced to move but we have the central table and whilst everyone scrambles to take cover we get to stay exactly where we are.

Really? He replies, I never thought about it”

“Yes really. They are a force of nature. It is the power and the intensity. There is something utterly raw and animalistic about them. They make me horny. They make me want to fuck.”

He shifts in his seat and when the lighting next decorates the sky he glaces up and then watches me as we both wait to hear what we have just seen. When it comes it is even louder than before and I gasp at the sheer raging power of it and I can feel my heart in my chest beat that little faster in response.

“Imagine it. Being upstairs in one of those beautiful rooms they have here with the windows flung wide open, the heat of the day clawing at our skin and lightening illuminating our bodies as the thunder crashes around us and we fuck like that, in front of the window. Tell me that isn’t a wildly hot thought?”

He doesn’t need to answer. I can see it on his face, in his eyes. He gets it now and I have a feeling I have changed thunderstorms for him forever more.

Eventually the storm moves away, the rain stops and in the distance now and then you can just hear the thunder continue to rumble. If anything it is hotter now than before the storm. He asks for the bill and when the waiter goes I tell him I am going to the bathroom before we leave

“Do you have any underwear on?” he asks

The question surprises me momentarily. The gentleman facade has dropped it would seem.

“Yes. Why?”

“No reason. Just wondered”

But I know that is bullshit. I know what he wants. I am learning him quickly.

In the bathroom I lift my skirt and pull down my knickers. The gusset is damp with my juices and I am about to slip them off when I realise they are the knickers that I wore for a previous memorable encounter and I can’t bring myself to give them away. I am disappointed but when I go to wipe, I realise just how wet my cunt is I know what I will do instead.

When I return to the table I lean across and wipe a sticky trail of cunt juices across the back of his hand. My eyes locked on his. A smile on face. I say nothing and neither does he as he brings his hand to his face and breathes in my scent.

The car park is astonishingly dark. Usually these places have a light to help you get to your car but this place has not bothered and once we get away from the circle of light the building is giving off we vanish into the ink blackness. He leans on the side of my car as I open the door and put my bag in. I want to kiss him so badly. I want him to kiss me so badly but fucking Covid has made me scared to cross that boundary but my body throbs with needs.

I close the car door and turn to him. He is saying something. I can’t remember what but I can’t bear it any more. I reach out and grab his hand and pull it to my waist and I turn and face the car. He gets the hint and presses his body into my back pinning me against the car door. He sweeps my hair to one side and kisses my neck as his other hand reaches down and pulls up my skirt. Then his fingers are dragging my knickers to one side and he is kicking my feet apart to give him better access. I reach behind me and cup the hard bulge of his cock in my hand.

“I want you so badly right now” he growls into me ear

“I hate Corona Virus” I whisper back.

Eventually we pull apart even though my cunt aches with need I get in my car and drive away but all I can think of as I do is how much I wanted to suck him off right then and there in that car park. Kneeling down in the wet and dirty, his cock buried in my mouth as the dark night gives us just enough privacy and the thunder continuing to grumble in the far off distance. I should have done that. I wish I had.

Fuck Covid 19.

I went home and straight to bed. Once under the covers I reached for a dildo and bought myself a swift and intense orgasm thinking about sucking him off. Imagining his face, the sounds he would make, the feel of the wet beneath my knees. The sordid slutty delight of it all turning me on.

Then I sent him a message.

“I just came thinking about you”

He replied not long after


And as I drifted off to sleep I could have sworn that I could still hear the thunder in the distance.

*Image created on Canva.

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David Mei April 23, 2021 - 6:22 pm

Thunder is power
Power to channel
I get where you are coming from with your love of thunderstorms. Some of my best sex with any past love has been in the midst or in a thunderstorm.
I think I’ve written on that too?!?
I like the anticipation and energy of the storm as well as how you translates the same within your recounting of events.
Thanks for sharing.

Jayden Vincente May 2, 2021 - 1:56 am

Hot, hot, hot! Thanks for sharing. Very sexy!

E.L. Byyrne May 11, 2021 - 2:08 pm

Holy Cow that was sexy!!!


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