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Finally we are at the end. 26 blog posts later and I can officially declare the A – Z Blogging Challenge well and truly done. I debated long and hard about doing it in the first place as I only discovered it about 3 weeks before it started, so had no content ready to go and having twice done both my Christmas Advent Calendar and the February Photofest I know just how tough a schedule of a post every day for a month can be. Those two monthly project are both very image focused but I knew if I did this project my aim would be for it to be more writing focused.

After lots of indecision, actually decisions that kept changing, Yes I am going to do it… No, I am not going to do it, throughout which @domsigns rolled him eyes but mainly kept his opinion fairly neutral on the matter I finally managed to talk myself into it. On the 1st of April all I had was a list of the letters with corresponding dates and a couple of vague ideas for some them. I was mentally ready to go but content wise I was totally flying by the seat of my pants. However, working that close to the wire tends to suit me but doing it every day for a month was not without its stressful moments.

Looking back the first two-thirds of April were definitely easier but this last week I really feel like I have been running out of steam and I will admit that I am happy we are finally at the letter Z. I am glad I did it mind you, it has definitely done what I wanted it to do, which was to make me focus on writing more and I have produced some work that I am particularly pleased with, such as the post on bullying: Bully for you, About being an introvert; Quietly me and the one about what makes me sexy; Something Sexy. I have also written two pieces of fiction that I am really proud of and really love, Haunting you – A dark tale of obsessive love and Perfect – an orgasm denial story which turned me on so much when I wrote it that I had to ask @domsigns for permission to make myself cum. Oh and my favourite image of all those I have posted (because despite this being about focusing on writing I can’t possible do it without including images) is the one I took late one evening for the piece Kiss me deadly.

Tonight I am looking forward to going to bed and not laying there pondering what I am going to do for the next letter of the alphabet and tomorrow I am going to finally clean the bathroom, before it is declared a hazardous zone by the World Health Organization. Oh and next year, if I mention doing this challenge again, remind me to come and read this post and if at the end I am still even vaguely contemplating doing it, shoot me!


A - z Blogging challenge

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  • Cammies on the Floor

    Congrats on this victory!

    This challenge was certainly a challenge but I had my sister to occasionally rely on (and it kicked her ass to write a bit more, yay!) and a ton of drafts. I wanted to do more images than what we did, simply because I didn’t want to exhaust our readers, but our writing was easier to manage with the letters.

    I am personally glad that you decided to write a bit more, as I’ve enjoyed what you’ve produced over the last month. A lot of it was hot or thought provoking (heck, one even inspired me to write my “Y” letter.

    So thank you, your exhaustion was certainly appreciated to a reader and huge fan!

    • Molly Moore

      Thank you. I am glad I did it, I don’t regret it at all, I am just delighted that it is finally over. The last week has been a real struggle.


  • Velvet Rose

    That is a great picture to end with.

    I thought about doing this one but decided against it as I was away for most of the first week of April but I may consider it next year, maybe, if I’m brave, maybe…..

    I have so enjoyed following your posts and well done you for getting to the end in on piece!

    Velvet x

  • Marie Rebelle

    Yayyy you did it! Congrats, Molly, on doing and finishing the challenge. I have really enjoyed your posts and like Velvet said, it’s a wonderful picture to end with.

    I had all my posts more or less ready in the first week of the month. We did all the photos in the last weekend of March, and since I decided to focus on photos for A-Z it was a bit easier, I think. But, the jury is still out whether I will do it again next year…

    Rebel xox

  • Charlie

    You did write some superb posts as part of this. I think you should be bloody proud of yourself xx

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