Molly's head tilted back showing large dark neck bruise

N is for neck

and his breath misting on my delicate skin. Soft lips, gentle kisses. A precursors to what he really wants. To what he really is. He is only a Gentleman up to a point…

I have written a lot here about marks and bruises. A bit like jizz that I wrote about earlier this week being bruised and marked is definitely in my top 10 of kinks but when you really examine them, what I like about them, they are essentially the same thing. They feed the same need. They are an outward sign of his lust and desire for me.

Ultimately they tick that box that desires to be his desire. To be the thing he wants to have, fuck, consume, taste, touch and yes, hurt. It is there, written on my skin, plain to see. Absolutely undeniable proof of what I am, what he is and what he did to me.

I like being marked.. It brings me a deep and powerful sense of satisfaction. This picture? Makes me twitch. Makes me absolutely long for more of this. To tip my head back and expose my neck to him, to let him have me and pepper my flesh with his lust. To be made his, well used and marked.

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Jayden Vincente April 18, 2021 - 8:35 pm

Soooo sexy! I’ve recently found that I love, love, love being marked! The bruises make me inordinately pleased.

Stopping by from A to Z!
– Jayden Vincente
Erotic fiction author


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