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(The) Dick on my Desk

sohimi suction cup dildo is the dick on my desk

D is for Dick and Dildos

I miss dick

Obviously what I really truly miss is the lovely people who the dick is attached to but one of my major kinks is getting fucked and I love penetration (fingers and dick both work for me) but I miss more than that. I miss the kissing and touching, the snuggling up together, just being physically close to someone, smelling and tasting them. I miss the intimacy of being with a lover. The last time I spent time with someone like that was mid December.

For the most part it has been OK. It felt like a means to an end. A time we just all had to get through and then we could see people. The problem now is that it seems the people I want to see still can’t meet up for various reasons and so it continues on for who knows how long. Hopefully not months and months but I will admit I was hopefully for an April dicking but it looks like that is fairly unlikely at this point.

Damn the dick drought that is my life right now

But thank fucking goodness for dildos. All of them. The glass ones, the stones ones, the ceramic ones, the wooden one (oh that one feels SO good against my g-spot) the vibrating one (thank you Hot Octopus) the textured ones, the smooth ones, the realistic looking ones and a very special mention to the dick on my desk that looks as good as it feels and works just as well as version of a stress ball when I am working as it does a delightful dildo at the end of the day when I am looking for a different version of stress relief.

*This post contains an affiliate link. If you buy the dick on my desk you don’t pay any extra, in fact use my coupon code MOLLY MOORE and you get a 10% discount and I get a tiny little kickback for showing you the way to the dick on my desk!

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  • Mrs Fever

    HA! “Damn the dick drought” made me laugh.

    I hope you’re able to get some partnered penetrative sexy time soon!

  • Windy

    I love the name of your blog, Molly! And I hope you get not just the kissing, but who it is attached to and all their body parts, especially the dick, soon! Hugs, Windy

    • Molly Moore

      Hi Windy

      Thanks you so much. I named it that in an insane moment when I thought I would post every day but it stuck and I figure that even when I don’t post every day there is always a kiss here waiting for someone to read


  • Dave Matters

    The title….oh my….Just had to click through

    On getting here, what a dick truly, coming from a guy lol

    Nice blog

    Keep up the good work of writing exicting posts for us to read


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