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The blindfold was waiting on the bed when we got back to the room. Turns out that wasn’t to be the only surprise of the night…

His fingers dig into my thighs slightly as he pushes me legs wider. His breath is warm against my skin as he trails his fingers up and down my slit, gathering my juices on his finger tips and coating my clit and labia with it making me groan. I want to reach for my clit but I can’t. Both hands are restrained, cuffed tight to my thighs.

His tongue flicks across the throbbing nub of my clit and my hips buck in response to the sudden stimulation and then his mouth is fully on me. Hot and wet, he alternates between tongue rubbing and circling and his teeth grazing and very quickly I am moaning beneath him. It feels so good and it is making my cunt ache to be filled. I twist and shift and lift my hips slightly hoping he will know what I am searching for, what I need and whilst he dips his tongue into my opening he immediately reverts back to giving his full oral attention to my clitoris.

I bite back the urge to beg. I hate giving him the satisfaction of pushing me that far but he is a master of it and we both know I will cave in the end. Behind the blindfold I can imagine the grin on his face when I give in and the thought makes me growl in both irritation and desire

“Please” but it is just a whisper and he continues to use his mouth on me

“Fuck. Bastard. Please, you know what I want.” finally stumbles from my mouth

“Hmmm, do I?” he questions….

“Yes” I snap back

But then I realise. He is talking and the mouth on my cunt has continued unabated

“What is it you want?” He prompts and I can hear the grin on his face as he speaks but my words are gone as my mind races to catch up with what is happening. If he is speaking whose mouth is on me? When did he let them in the room? Where they already here when we came back from dinner? Is it a man or a woman?

Somehow he seems to know the thoughts that are racing through my mind because he says

“You will find out all in good time. Now, tell our guest what it is you want”

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