Me and my camera

by Molly Moore
Molly topless wearing a bow tie loose around her neck taking a selfie with her camera in 2 mirrors

I want to work on your body.

I want to explore angles and lighting. To shoot from above and from below.

I want to capture the beauty of you

I want people to see what I see. What I touch and taste.

The little details, the blue of your eyes, the fullness of your lips, that little dip in your shoulder where muscle meets bone, the soft hairs that trail down towards your cock, the smile that plays on your lips when I whisper dirty words at you.

I want to tell your story with my camera.

Can I capture the essence of you?

Can I do you justice?

Will you let me even try?

Are you ready for me and my camera?

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Mark October 9, 2019 - 2:51 pm

The ultimate dream

Marie Rebelle October 9, 2019 - 5:35 pm

Beautiful and sensual!

Rebel xox

Posy Churchgate October 9, 2019 - 5:40 pm

Ah the little details, noticed in intimacy, captured by the camera.

PurpleSole October 9, 2019 - 7:11 pm

Love both the image and desire in your words

Ebbetsjim October 9, 2019 - 7:25 pm

Ready without a doubt.

May More October 9, 2019 - 8:17 pm

And the camera does indeed tell a story – and never lies xx

Jupiter Grant October 9, 2019 - 9:21 pm

Very sensual.

missy October 9, 2019 - 11:55 pm

Very sexy and such beautiful images made from the words about your pictures ?

slave sindee October 10, 2019 - 5:00 am

well done

Mosscat October 10, 2019 - 6:59 am

Lovely! I’d love to be explored by camera…

Tabitha Rayne October 10, 2019 - 1:30 pm

Beautifully intimate photo and words ❤️

violet October 10, 2019 - 4:46 pm

i love a mirror shot! Beautiful image and words!

kisungura October 11, 2019 - 11:21 am

Stunning image and seductive words, fantastic combination Molly x


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