Bondage Bunnies Flogger For the Win

by Molly Moore
Rouge Garment Purple Suede Flogger from Bondage Bunnies

I know I say I don’t really do reviews but that is not strictly true. For the right company, or the right product I will say yes and this is a perfect example of one of those.

Bondage Bunnies* got in touch with me and asked me if I might be interested. Well the name in itself sparked my interest and so I went I had a look through their site: Bondage Bunnies. Go and do it yourself. It is all rather lovely.

They asked me select something that caught my eye. Now we have a lot of kink stuff, paddles, floggers, crops etc but I thought it would be interesting to compare a flogger in a very different price bracket to the ones we already have. Could it possible stand up to those custom-made beauties? It seems a slightly unfair comparison however the Rouge Garment Purple Suede Flogger took on the challenge with a confident swish of its tail and come out looking like a real winner.

Watch the video to find out more but I will say if your budget for a flogger is limited then you will not be disappointed with this item.

*Bondage Bunnies sent me this item for free in exchange for a fair review



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Curvaceous Dee September 30, 2016 - 3:01 am

By looks I assumed this would be very thuddy – it looks gorgeous! Yay for leaving lovely marks, even if it is a stingy one 🙂

xx Dee


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