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Let’s play a game

welt marks on molly's bum

Let’s play a game”  he said we are went up the stairs

“Ohh, what game is that”

Well, it starts with you taking of your trousers..”

“Ok” I replied with a grin “And then?”

“Then you lay down on the bed”

“Like this?” I ask as I flop down on the bed with my legs spread

“Well a bit like that but face down” and he grabs my ankles and flips me over onto my tummy.

“What now?” I ask as I wriggle my butt at him

“Now I whip you”

“Umm, wait,” I plead “Surely if this was a game I should win something?”

“You do. Stripes”

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  • nilla

    oh, lovely, lovely stripes!

    What a hot little tale,


  • slave sindee

    sweet sexy stripes

  • dave smith

    Those welts and bruises are a thing to remember an intense session with your partner?

  • Daylia

    Delightful stripes, nothing sexier. I think you won the best prize xxxxxx

  • May More

    Cool but hot stripes ;-)x

  • Marie Rebelle

    Damn, this is hot!!!

    Rebel xox

  • Brigit Delaney

    Super cute last line. I am a huge fan of pieces that end with clinchers like that.

  • Cara Thereon

    The stripes are sooo nice though! Look how pretty

  • Jo

    Ah! That last line made me laugh out loud SO hard!!!

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