Defile Me

by Molly Moore
Molly and Michael kissing

One thing I quickly came to realise when @domsigns and I were in a long distance relationship is just how much I craved to be kissed. Oh I wanted to be fucked too but it is possible to fuck yourself and certainly possible to make yourself cum. I know it is not the same as a damn good fuck with another person, especially with someone you desire and love but it can certainly take the edge of those needs. You can play with your own nipples, you can touch your clit, you can fuck yourself with a variety of different insertables and you can do all that on Skype for your lover, if you have one, but you cannot ever kiss yourself. As the days turned into weeks and months the one thing I craved more than anything else was to be kissed. I would dream about kissing (and sucking cock, which like kissing, you need a partner for) I would write about kissing, I would see people kissing in the street and rather than just glancing I would find myself watching and sighing with longing. I would run my fingers over my lips, closing my eyes and imaging his mouth on mine, his hands in my hair, his tongue in my mouth. The taste of his mouth in mine, the smell of him that close to me, the look in his eyes as he went to kiss me and the different but equally sexy look that would replace it once that kiss was over. Through each of those periods of separation the desire to be kissed would grow and grow until I was nearly weeping in frustration.

Now we are together every day but my love of being kissed has not diminished at all. The desperate craving has been quashed but my love of kissing and most of all of being kissed has not. The difference now is that I am no longer deprived of kisses; quite the opposite in fact. He loves kissing as much as I do and best of all he loves kissing me. I don’t a day goes by where we do kiss not kiss. Most mornings when we wake there is kissing, slow sleepy waking up kisses, if one of us goes out there will often be a kiss goodbye and if there isn’t there will definitely be a kiss on return. If we find ourselves in the kitchen together, well that is the perfect excuse to for a kiss. We kiss in the car, we kiss at the shops, we kiss in the shower, we kiss in front of the kids (my daughter thinks this is lovely, my son rolls his eyes) we kiss a lot.

I love all the kisses, every single one of them but the honest truth is I have a favourite kiss and that is the ones which leave me feeling breathless and little bit ravaged. They are ones where he grabs great handfuls of my hair, tugs my head back and takes my kiss from me. They are the kisses where he backs me into a corner and pins me against the wall with his body. They are the kisses which leave you in no doubt about what just happened to you. They are the best kisses of all.

Kiss me often, kiss me lots, defile me with your kisses.

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sub-Bee January 17, 2016 - 4:37 pm

I love his kisses too and those times we were apart, although not like you were, I missed them so much too!

Angela Goodnight January 17, 2016 - 10:38 pm

I know exactly what you mean. We are always kissing and we’re in our sixties. Our favourite kisses are the warm, open mouthed, tender variety with our tongues tasting each other and sensing their textures. Sometimes we breathe into each other until we feel light-headed. The best – the most exciting is the kiss which comes as a simultaneous orgasm has begun. Squaring the circle, so to speak. Joined at both ends. Often those kisses fire me off again for a second O.

Oh yes, they are the best.

Cammies on the Floor January 18, 2016 - 3:06 pm

I like the same kind of kisses best too

joy January 20, 2016 - 2:46 am

So true, I love kissing, and maybe for the same reason. Things you once took for granted become more precious when they aren’t available.

Dawn February 3, 2016 - 5:52 pm

I miss kisses but I have to say I miss hugs even more.


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