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By on August 19, 2015.

We are currently away on holiday in Philadelphia, returning @domsigns to his beloved city for a few weeks so he can get his fix of all things American that he gave up when he came to England to be with me. I was going to post another Scavenger Hunt for Wicked Wednesday this week as family holidays do not tend to lend themselves to much writing time but this Monday was our 4th wedding anniversary and while we were out at breakfast with the kids this morning a message appeared in my Twitter DM. I accidentally read it right there and I say accidentally as I then had to explain to the kids why I was crying. “Because Michael wrote me a message about how much he loves me and it made me cry happy tears”

I asked his permission to share his message here and he granted it so be warned, soppy romantic happiness ahead.

It has been 4 years since we married. There is not a moment I would change. Not a kiss I would skip, not a touch or glance or silly laughing fit for anything in the world. I know I am a difficult pain in the ass, but I hope that there has been bit of fun for you. I love my life with you even if you are a crazy lady who burps like a sailor and swears like a longshoreman.

Finding you was the best thing that ever happened to me. We have had so many adventures and we will have so many more in the years to come. There have been many unexpected changes in my life, being a step father, living in a new country and making so many wonderful friends. You are the glue that holds it all together. Such a beautiful, smart, kinky and talented women is a rare thing to find and the fact that you seem to like me a little is humbling. I am proud of you every single day and in awe that I am the man you have chosen as your husband and Dom.

As we sit here in IHOP I am happy and I mean the kind of happiness that fills you to the brim and you aren’t sure if you are going to laugh or cry. If you feel even a fraction of the joy I feel each day just by being with you then I will feel that I may have done an adequate job.

Shall we keep it up?

I am pretty sure you can all hazard a guess as to what my reply was.

Molly and Michael selfie loveI LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!

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  1. So lovely . . . an international romance celebrated in an international setting. (And I’m sure those words made your pancakes taste even sweeter).
    Absolutely lovely . . .
    Have a wonderful holiday.
    Huge xxx’s to you both.
    Xxx – K
    Modesty Ablaze recently posted..Showerkini #sinfulsundayMy Profile

  2. Congratulations to you both. You make such a gorgeous couple and I’m so glad to have met you.
    Molly you were right to share that message… It is simply beautiful! He’s a keeper!
    Wishing you another 40 years of happiness and love and laughter together.
    Kat x
    Kat recently posted..Friday Flash Challenge… The SwitchMy Profile

  3. This just brought tears to my eyes. Having met you for realz and having seen this dynamic between the two of you, I have seen the love radiating from both of you, filling both of you. You are just such a beautiful couple and I feel privileged to call you my friends.

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted..Our Kind Of MonogamyMy Profile

  4. Oh my god. I almost seriously just cried. You two are SO fabulous and wonderful and this whole thing just warmed my heart. I’m so grateful to know a couple so blissfully in love, and so special in the way they show it, too. Happy anniversary! XOXO
    Jade A. Waters recently posted..The Couple and the CoquetteMy Profile

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