Facesitting – A Guest Post

by Molly Moore
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This is a guest post for the Kink of the Week prompt; Facesitting. It was emailed to me with this little message…

I wanted to add something for KOTW. Since I don’t have a blog yet I appreciate that you will post items. This is the first time I’ve submitted any of my writing to anyone. I’ve written little erotic stories for lovers but nothing like this. So I’m scared out of my mind to let something I’ve written be so public!

Hopefully She will find that her nerves are unfounded and enjoys the experience of sharing her thoughts on this subject with you all.

Facesitting by Aiden

This is my first time participating in Kink of the Week and my first writing submission anywhere. After much thought I decided facesitting was a good place to get started. Even though, I think I’m rather sexually experienced and know a thing or two I’d never heard it referred to as Kinging or Queening. A little reminder to myself that there is always more to explore. Thankfully I know an amazing woman who enjoys exploring with me. Facesitting is something we’ve done only a handful of times in the 4 years she and I have played together. I’ve always felt it’s an incredibly submissive act and not something I would feel comfortable doing to a partner with me being the sitter. The idea makes me feel far out of my submissive element. After doing my own self-evaluation, I realized my feelings about how submissive the act is are grounded in the overall sexual play session and not just the facesittin’ itself. Two particular sessions stand out where facesitting was employed in different ways yet drove home the submissive element for me.
The first time any woman sat on my face was during my first sexual encounter with A. I was a complete newbie to BDSM play and I remember how nervous and scared I was. So nervous and trembling in fact she stopped all play about 10 minutes in to hold me and stroke my hair for a moment, this was reassuring to me that while yes she was about to do very kinky things to me, she was very safe, sane, and compassionate. I think we both knew that even though I was nervous the submissive slut in me was screaming to be freed and A was only too happy release her. As our play progressed that day she was completely in charge and in control of my pleasure. A thoroughly licked, fucked and fisted me to multiple orgasms. More than I ever thought were possible or had ever experienced in a single session. Then before I had a chance to catch my breath she turned me over on my back and mounted my face thrusting her glistening pussy to my mouth. At that moment, I felt like it was her final stamp in claiming my submission. All I wanted to do was taste her, feel her, please her, and hear her orgasm. Licking her while she was sitting on my face didn’t feel like a lack of control but it was the last step where I was saying “Yes I submit completely to you”.
Fast forward about three years later to find we’ve come a very long way in our sexual explorations together. This day she has spent probably a good 20 minutes securing me to her table. Blindfolded, legs spread eagle so I can’t close them, arms tied down above my head, even my torso secured tightly to the table. Let me be clear, the woman is nothing if not thorough. At this point in our relationship I trust her so completely that instead of nervous fear her ministrations of me are met with intrigue, excitement, curiosity, and as always a wet juicy puddle between my legs imagining what she has in store for me. Once she has me fully immobilized she begins her torturous teasing of my body. A spends very long periods of time doing this but not today, this time she stops after just a few minutes and climbs onto the table, peeking my curiosity and climbs right onto my face. She’d never done anything like this with me tied down and unable to move. Usually when I lick her pussy I’m free to use my hands, hold her legs, stroke her, pinch her nipples, etc. but I was powerless. She was so wet and in total control of how much I could touch her or lick her. Her wetness was intoxicating to me increasing my own wet puddle. She teased me with her pussy, making me strain to pull my head and neck up to reach my prize. She was in full charge of her orgasm and I was there to submit. For me, this complete lack of being in any control was a huge turn on. I loved every sensuous minute of it. I have to add that my straining to reach her pussy left my chest sore for days after. Now that for me is the icing on the cake. I revel in marks or the muscle aches/pains that I take away from my time with her. I savor them as long as they last, reliving each beautiful experience. I’m always a little sad when they disappear and I have to wait to see her again.
Facesittin’ has been used very sparingly, but each time has been very poignant for me. Driving home my need and desire to submit and her willingness to be my dominant exploring our sexual journey together.
I asked A why she doesn’t seem to use the position often. She answered that she just doesn’t feel a big urge for it and finds it awkward. So there, you have it. To me, it just speaks to her perfect calm control and how expertly she weaves the music and dance of our BDSM play. Honestly, I feel as if the woman lives inside my head knowing exactly when, where and what to push with me at all times. She’s constantly helping me expand my boundaries and I am forever grateful and appreciative that she does. I guess that’s what makes us work so well together.
Thanks for reading!
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sub-Bee May 17, 2015 - 10:18 pm

I have to agree with you, sitting in someone’s face is just awkward and unsexy. However, having my face sat on by either Sir or another woman, especially if I’m restrained, is so incredibly hot!


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