Lumps and bumps

By on August 9, 2014.

We spent the day with @remittancegirl and as is usual for our time spent together the conversation strayed far and wide with regards to topics but one of the things we talked about was our mutual love of good food and in relation to that our figures. Neither of us are what you would describe as svelte but we agreed that despite this fact we were both pretty comfortable with our respective lumps and bumps. I can’t claim to have always felt this well or to even feel this way every day. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I wish my tummy was flatter, my boobs perkier and my arms more toned but the truth of the matter is, they are not and actually, for the most part I am cool with that.

I have had this image in my folder for a while now and the reason I have not posted it is because I actually really like it a LOT. That is not uncommon for me, to hang onto an image that I love for a while. Keeping it for myself just for a bit until either it just seems to fit perfectly with something I want to share or else I have held it close for long enough that now I can let it go. On this occasion it is the former, it fits perfectly with my thoughts tonight because I love the way my body looks in this image. It looks good, sensual, curvy, healthy and yes, there are lumps and bumps but they look good on me too.

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  1. Wow love this You look great. It s not lumps & bumps it curves and sexiness. its how You carry yourself and being cool in your own skin. You are hot & sexy and looking delicious. Continue to be happy and enjoy life. Thanks for the sexy photo. humbly ss

  2. Your shape is beautiful and so is your pose here – but the really striking thing about this image is how soft your skin looks. It feels really intimate and touchable.

    Congratulations on arriving at a place of self-love regarding your body… this culture does not make it easy, does it? I hope you can continue to love your body and take pleasure from your lumps and bumps for many years to come!
    Pandora recently posted..Sinful Sunday – pleasuring ZahraMy Profile

  3. That is such a soft image; your skin looks so radiant.

    I have lumps and bumps too: one particular one I would quite like to shift. Although I have a far greater issue with my abundance of body hair than I have with my rotund figure.
    John recently posted..Story: Don’t tease a dominantMy Profile

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