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10 Things about My Orgasms

22nd April 2011

  1. I have 2 types of orgasms; the little ones where my pussy muscles go tight and the BIG one where my whole pussy spasms and pulses. I can have the little ones from penetration alone but I need clitoral stimulation to have a big one
  2. I find it easiest to cum laying flat on my back
  3. I was in my early twenties when I had my first orgasm, prior to that I had never quite managed to make it happen but once I discovered how I worked there no stopping me
  4. The most times I have ever cum in one session was when Sir relentlessly used the Hitachi wand on me.
  5. I love licking my own cum off my fingers or toys but I love licking it off His cock even more
  6. I am very verbal when I cum, often swearing and if they are particularly intense often crying out a passionate version of owwwww…….
  7. Apparently when I have a lot of orgasms I get a look on face that is a cross between surprise and terror….his exact words were…. “you look shocked but then that is quickly replaced by a look of fear as if you are scared by it happening again”
  8. I  will often kick and scratch when I am cumming
  9. I prefer to use my finger on my clit rather than a vibe as I find that the vibe will often over stimulates my clit and make it numb which can make it much harder and sometimes even impossible to cum.
  10. My favourite way to cum is with His cock inside me and me rubbing my clit and the words “cum for me now Slutmine” being growled into me ear.

woman orgasming


Ps…..I decided to write this after watching this clip ‘Mary Roach – 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm’. Now here is a woman who clearly enjoys her work, appreciates the humour in the subject and has definitely had fun whilst researching it. It is well worth a watch if you have 15 minutes to spare and do stick with it, the pigs insemination part is hysterical.

Pps… If you want to read about the Hitachi Wand experience then check out The Present P1 & The Present P2

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  • DDD

    LOVE the photo. And knowing all the details of your orgasms.

    PS: The Sex Talk post was completely inspired by the story about your son. I had forgotten all about The Wonderful Story of How You Were Born.

  • zenagirl

    Fascinating and funny! I was a little worried that the Sow Insemination (say that 10 time fast) would arouse me, but alas, nothing!

  • Suze

    You and I are so alike. My clitoral orgasms render me breathless they are so intense.
    As for toys and clitoral play you need to use a small clit vibe, the Hitachi is far too vigorous for clitoral pleasure. It’s a bit like taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut. x

    • mollyskiss

      Thats true although the Hitachi did make me orgasm over and over again until I was completely exhausted.


  • annie oakfield

    I loved reading about your orgasms. I was lucky enough to get my first one at the tender age of 14 and I’ve never stopped since, exploring all the new ways that they can be achieved.
    My favourite at the moment is cumming whilst a willing set of lips is fastened to my pussy and a hot tongue probes me inside and flicks my clitty. Mmm. I usually swear a lot and the person between my legs can be at risk of crushing!
    But they knew the risks when they went down there. 😀

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