Channing – Tantaly Male Sex Doll

by Molly Moore
Looking side on at Channing Tantaly with his large erect penis poking up Male sex doll

This is a product I can’t say I ever expected to review on my blog but when Tantaly reached out and offered me a sex doll and I saw they had one with a penis I thought why not? So meet Channing The newest addition to my sex toy collection!

Meet Channing Male Torso Sex Doll

First off I want to warn you that Tantaly’s website uses a lot of gendered language. I know that is not ideal for some people and so wanted to state that clearly. It is interesting though as all the dolls with breasts and a vulva are just called sex dolls only Channing has a gender label.

Channing is described as a multi-purpose realistic doll. It has a textured anal tunnel and a 8 inch erect penis. He has a petite body frame with muscular detail on his chest and stomach. He does not come with the black underwear. I did think he was made of silicone but apparently he is made of medical grade TPE. He comes in two different colour tones; Fair and Wheat. They did ask me which one I wanted and I said I didn’t mind. The ‘fair’ Channing is what turned up at my door.

First impressions

Something to keep in mind about this toy is it is fairly heavy and so when it was delivered and they dropped it down outside my door I will admit that lifting it was not easy. I did manage to do it but if you are not able bodied or maybe had to carry it up a flight of stairs or two then you would probably need help not only is it heavy but the box is large.

Packaging wise it does come in a plain brown box with no company branding or logo on so it is completely discreet. Inside that box is another slightly smaller box that does have branding and logo on and within that the toy is nestled in a polystyrene mould.

When you first open the box the toy does have a slight smell to it. I didn’t find it overpowering though and once it was out of the box I really didn’t notice it.

The feel of the toy is actually pretty amazing. This is my first sex doll experience and I did find myself reaching out to keep touching him as he does have a rather nice soft skin like texture that I really liked how it felt beneath my fingers.

The penis part of the toy does move up and down and so you can tuck it away between his legs but it is obviously always firm/hard. As you can see from the little video you can angle it in various ways.

Making an impression

Armed with lube I set about, or should they say sat about, some play time with Channing. I am not keen on his given name and also something about naming it feels like humanising it in a way that oddly doesn’t work for me. It actually seemed to turn me off the idea of using it and so I have found myself calling it the penis body.

As I mention in the video I needed a lot of lube to make this a comfortable ride. Nothing wrong with that but just something to note when you go to use it. Also the penis is fairly long and when you are sitting astride it I found if I tried to sit down on to it that it felt uncomfortable in me. It is very hard/rigid and there is really no give in it at all. If deep penetration is not your thing you are going to need to play with angles to make it work for you. Which I did and I have to admit I had a lot of fun. I tried it on two separate occasions. Once with no vibe, just using my finger on my clit which totally worked and then once using a vibe. I actually think it could be a lot of fun with something like a Doxy which you could potentially wedge between your body and the toy which would maybe send the vibrations through the penis as well. Yes I shall definitely be trying this soon.

I did really enjoy this toy and I am delighted that Tantaly sent it to me. I am planning on making some Only fans content with it soon and think if you liked the idea of a 3some you could use this toy to experiment with that without having to actually invite another person into your relationship. I also think with a meany partner it could be used for some interesting scenes where you are made to perform for them or to play with orgasm denial. If you have ever had the fantasy of sucking off your partner while riding another person then this toy is gonna tick that box for you.

Looking directly down at Channing Tantaly Male sex doll with his abs and muscular chest and large penis standing up erect

Cleaning and storing

One thing I would mention again about this toy is that it is heavy and you definitely have to get your arms under the torso to lift him up. I found getting it out the box and carrying across the landing to my bedroom tricky and then once on the bed when I tried to drag him around he kind of pulled the covers along with him so I think putting him on the floor or pulling the duvet back so he is on the fitted sheet might make that easier.

There was no way I could carry him to the bathroom and then hold it while I cleaned it unless I just put it in the bath and showered it. I feel like ideally you need a second person to help or someone with more strength than me but it is not just that he is heavy it is also awkward to grab hold of. I will say we did do a lot of laughing and it was fun but it is something to keep in mind when buying it.

Also if you are planning on using the anal cavity then having read reviews on their website and advice from them I would recommend also buying the cleaning kit so you can keep your doll in the best possible condition.

Also storing. At the moment it is living in my office in it’s box but I am lucky to have that space and at some point I am going to have a find a more permanent and discreet home for it. If you don’t have much storage space then this might also be an issue for you. The box is large and if you had a low bed it would not go under it. Getting it up in a loft or high cupboard is going to be a challenge if you didn’t have help.

Who is the Channing – Tantaly Male Sex Doll for?

  • Anyone with a vulva who likes being on top
  • Anyone with a vulva who likes a large/long toy
  • Anyone with a penis who likes the idea of using the toys anal openings.
  • Couples who would like to explore elements of having a 3some without having to have another person present
  • Anyone who is making sexy adult content for platforms like Only Fans

Who is the Channing – Tantaly Male Sex Doll not for?

  • Anyone who mobility or strength issues
  • Anyone with limited storage


I will admit I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed to try the Channing – Tantaly Male Sex Doll as I had no experience with dolls in the past but I have to admit I was surprised by how life like the skin felt and how well made it was. It does have slightly odd proportions but having realised how much it weighs I can see why that is as if the torso was more in proportion this toy would probably have been too heavy for me to lift out the box.

Thank you so much to Tantaly for reaching out to me and sending me this amazing product. I really am grateful to them for that and delighted to have this toy in my collection.

You can buy Channing – Tantaly Male Sex Doll from Tantaly’s website. It is currently for sale for £329.99

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