Missed my moment

by Molly Moore
Molly nude silhouette in front of field of snowdrops

“I guess they’re called a moment because they don’t last very long.”
― Sarra Manning

Sometimes thinks just don’t work out when you are taking pictures. A moment is passed and you just can’t get it back and so what you end up capturing is not what you intended and maybe even disappointing. This is particularly true when you light source is completely outside of your control. In a studio setting everything is controllable but the moment you step out into the world and rely on the sun or even the moon then suddenly things are much harder to control and if you miss your moment it is often gone forever.

I spent a while setting up this shot. Trying to get the angle right to get in the snowdrops and make sure they were in focus and centre the gap in the trees in the image. The whole thing was bathed in sunlight as you can see. The snowdrops almost sparkled in the light and the sun created a light leak through the image. I knew exactly what I was aiming for but I failed to notice one important thing.

There was a huge black cloud looming across the sky to my right.

I got into position, checked my remote screen on my phone. Perfect. I stripped off. Hide my clothes behind the tree and then realised everything had changed. The sun was gone. The light was different, dull and grey, unlike moments before when it had been warm and golden. I took a couple of shots. Surely the cloud would go in a moment but then I looked round the tree to see that far from going away it was rolling across the shy, vanishing all the blue. The wind picked up. Goosebumps littered my flesh.

I had missed my moment.

Sunlight streamdown onto field of snowdrops is a perfect moment

But that happens sometimes. I just thought on this occasion I would share it so you can see that not every self portrait adventure ends with a good image.

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February Photo Fest 2022

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Gemma Jones February 12, 2022 - 11:40 pm

I really admire your photography. I don’t think I would have the patience to set up self portraits the way you do.

Jerbear February 12, 2022 - 11:44 pm

Believe me, that moment wasn’t wasted.
I could write the whole story it told me.

Modesty Ablaze February 13, 2022 - 9:48 am

It’s still a lovely photo Molly … and I’m so glad you posted it !!!
Xxx – K

Focused and Filthy February 13, 2022 - 4:35 pm

Oh Molly,
I feel so frustrated for you too. Spending time and effort to get things right and then the weather ruining it is such a pain. I hope you weren’t too disappointed with your final image and are able to get what you want another time

Molly Moore February 13, 2022 - 5:01 pm

I wasn’t that disappointed really. Just laughed it off. Such is the life of outdoor photography. Don’t dilly dally too long. Especially not at this time of year


Bee February 15, 2022 - 7:50 pm

You have to love the British weather! Those snowdrops are beautiful, I live in hope mine will appear soon.


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