Friends Round Friday – @vivibene1

by Molly Moore
@vivibene1 laying naked on her back with hand between her legs

It’s Friday, in case you had not noticed and that means it is time for another exciting edition of Friends Round Friday and this week I am so excited to be sharing some amazing images of Mrs. S aka @vivibene1

We have followed each other on twitter for years and also crossed path on a variety of other platforms where were sharing our self portraits. I have always admired her work. The way she uses light and shadows to create beautiful self portraiture. She is one of the people on Twitter who over the year has inspired my own work and especially when it comes to using light to create evocative images that you can almost feel.

When I asked Mrs. S if she would like to take part I invited her to send any words she would like to go with her images. She sent me the following selection saying if it was too many to just pick the ones I like. That was impossible to do because they are all stunning and so obviously I am sharing all of them also with her thoughts on each one.

Light Play

‘Light Play’ (the header image above) was taken in 2014, about a year after I started taking nude self-portraits.  It is hands down, still one of my all-time favorites and is straight from the camera with no editing other than my watermark.  I think it is a good representation of how I love to play with light and shadow to express desire, eroticism, and sensuality.

Snowy Day

@vivibene1 and husband fucking

The ‘Snow Day’ set was taken in 2016 when we had a huge 2-foot snowstorm.  We had been out shovelling all day and returned inside to the perfect light, which I quickly took advantage of with a willing husband. 

In Limbo

Light on @vivibene1 breast and arm as she sits in chair

Running on Empty

black and white of @vivibene1 legs

‘In Limbo’ and ‘Running on Empty’ were taken in May 2020 after a couple months of lockdown.  As for everyone, my creativity has been sporadic over the last 2 years, but I was really pleased with how these turned out and the emotion I think the photos convey.

You can find Mrs S on Twitter @vivibene1 and on Flickr

February Photo Fest 2022

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David Mei February 11, 2022 - 10:00 pm

Beautiful use of light. They are all wonderful images.


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