30 Days of Yoga and Beyond

by Molly Moore
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“The practice of Yoga brings us face to face with the extraordinary complexity of our own being.” ~ Sri Aurobindo

Any of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed that I am doing a 30 Days of Yoga challenge. I decided to do it back in mid December when I saw it in Adriene Mishler’s newsletter. It was a new year pledge to myself that fitted in with my overall theme for 2021 which is balance.

I want to create better balance in my life. So have time for me. Allow myself to have time just for me. Stepping away from the computer and from social media is really good for me. It is something that I learned in 2020 and was determined to monopolise on in 2021 and create a better balance in my life as a result.

I have done one of these 30 day yoga programs before. In fact it was during the beginning of Lockdown in March. It was my first time doing yoga and I was dubious about it if I am honest. I have never really been very good at slow and steady, especially when it comes to working out. I kinda like getting a sweat on and feeling the burn. Turns out yoga might be slow and steady but it is not without sweat and it is definitely not without burn.

I loved it. I found myself calmer. Even the short time I did it I felt stronger and, as I wrote about it in my post back then, it also seemed to fire up my libido as most days, post yoga, I would vanish to my room and have a wank. There is something about yoga that I find really connects me to my body and that connection and also peacefulness leads to me wanting to masturbate. It was true back in March and it is true this time round too. Yoga makes me feel good about my body and that makes me feel sexy.

Last year I failed to keep yoga up beyond the 30 days of Yoga. I struggled mentally to cope during much of April and then Hudson (a small Jack Russel puppy) arrived and took up centre stage in our house and in my life. I am not complaining mind you, he has been a wonderful addition to me world and he gets me out walking every day. Come rain or shine we head off doing roughly 4 miles most days. It is good for both of us but the yoga is different. As well as building strength and co-ordination it also helps me to switch off. This current program has a lot of breath work in it too which I wasn’t sure I would be a fan off but again I have found it super calming and relaxing and have even started using some of the breathing techniques during the day when I am stressed or have a headache.

The other things about yoga is that I seem to sleep so much better when I an doing it regularly. Again I think it is something to do with the breathing and also calming nature of it. I have found myself falling to sleep fairly easily, which is not something I have ever really done before and sleeping solidly too. The repercussions of that are obvious. I feel less tired, more able to cope and get things done and over all happier. Despite still being trapped at home, unable to see any of my partners and back to not even going to the shops again because I am sacred to catch Covid I have felt calmer and happier this last month than I have done in ages.

I blame yoga.

So far, as I write this we are on Day 19 of the 30 Days of Yoga and I am really pleased with the fact that I have made time for myself every single day to get my mat out. I am determined to keep it up and I have decided when this program is over I am going to do another. I want to make a permanent place for yoga in my life and whilst I will take each month at a time I have set myself the goal of trying completely 365 days of Yoga. I have no idea if I will manage it but if I don’t set the goal I definitely won’t so we shall see. I am hopeful and also determined. Yoga is good for me is so many ways and I deserve things that are good for me.

double exposure of molly holding her feet up on a yoga pose

“Life is a balance between rest and movement.” ~ Rajneesh

Yoga is balance in my life.

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