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“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.”
~ Rodney Yee

You don’t even need any pants if you are doing it at home!

I am a fairly new convert to Yoga. I blame The Charmer for this one…. well maybe I thank him actually because I never really thought it was for me but turns out I was wrong. I discovered a lady on YouTube a month or so ago and started doing her videos and I am a little bit hooked.

I am currently doing a 30 day program although I had to pause it the last 10 days or so because life has rather got in the way but I am planning on getting back to it next week and making it part of my daily routine. Social distancing sucks so fucking hard but I am determined to make the best use of this shitty time and Yoga is part of that. Not only has it been good for my body, I have found muscles I didn’t know I had and this last week or so whilst not doing it I have noticed how my body seems less supple and strong than it was when I was doing it everyday but it is also good for my mind. I find it really calming and helps me to feel very connected to my body.

One of the things I have noticed is that post Yoga workout I nearly always end up masturbating. There is just something about it that by the end leaves me feeling relaxed but also invigorated at the same time. The breathing part of it really does bring me into my physical self and by the end of each session my body feels strong but calm. I kinda wish I had a bit more space in my bedroom to do yoga. Then I could lay out a glass dildo ready and once I am done with my workout lay there on the matt and make myself come. Sadly I have to do in the front room and whilst pants are not required I think having a wank there might be pushing it. Unless everyone goes out which in the current ‘stay at home’ climate is not really going to happen. But I am not complaining, I am, as all well as determined to do more yoga, also trying really hard to count my blessings and focus on the things I do have rather than the things I don’t. And whilst we might be apart from probably a very long time now Yoga always makes me feel close and connected to The Charmer so that is another reason to do lots more of it.

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  • HappyComeLucky

    I still haven’t tried it. I think I should.

    • LittleSwitchBitch

      Me either and I keep saying I will. I still haven’t! I may try it! What’s the name of the lady you are following ?

      • Molly Moore

        It is Yoga with Adriene. I started with one of her 1st 30 day programs. This is day one

        • David Mei

          Yoga with Abby is awesome! I practiced using her for a while. Now we use a combination of Tamaj Dall or Shiva Rae.

          Physical meditation it is my understanding it was intended to wear the yogi out so they could better sit in meditation.

          Kitten and I have found that yoga followed by meditation can lead to some pretty intense sexual mutual gratification.


  • Focused and Filthy

    Beautiful symmetry in this image, and I’m glad you are enjoying it. I should do more Pilates or yoga. Maybe now is the time.
    Missy x

  • Marie Louise

    I love how you end up masturbating post-yoga. If that’s essentially a part of yoga, maybe sign me up too! I love the symmetry here and the close up of your legs/feet

  • Victoria Blisse

    I like yoga, but I have found my body is too frail for it of late. I never did it terribly regularly but when I did, I liked the connection to myself too. And I used the same videos, I like Adriene!

  • Marie Rebelle

    This makes me think that I should try yoga again too. I have in the past, but never got the hang of it and now might just be the time to do it. Nice image.

    Rebel xox

  • Annie Savoy

    I should check out online yoga too. This is a whole new world of figuring out how to live our whole lives online… I cant wait to be out in the world again!

  • Julie

    I’m going to give this a go now I can’t follow my regular swimming regime.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    I think we all need something to take the mind off things at present.
    I like the no pants idea !!!
    Xxx – K

  • Beck

    I know I should be doing Yoga, but I always come up with something else to do. Perhaps one day.

  • DeviantSuccubus

    No pants yoga sounds like a really good thing to get into. Great symmetry in the picture.

  • Bee

    How strange is that, I ask you about yoga and you’d already posted this!

    Also, I don’t know who Matt is but he’s very lucky indeed.

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