Sex on legs

by Molly Moore
Mollys legs reaching up out of the bath

“Damn you have fine legs”

He is laying on the bed while I stand at the mirror doing my hair. I am wearing just a towel and not a particularly big one.

I glance down at my legs. They are tanned and smooth.

“They are not bad I suppose” I respond

“Not bad? They are better than that. Look at the muscle definition on them and just the shape of them. They make me want to reach out the run my hands up them.”

“Oh, and then what happens?” I laugh in response

He didn’t get show me then because we are heading out, but later that night he rectified the situation and I end up with even more bruises on my thighs than I already had and falling into a peaceful post orgasmic sleep.

I have parts of my body that you would never find my saying I like or think are good but my legs are not one of them. I think I have a pretty good set of legs. They look good in stockings and suspenders or hold ups and they also look bare, although I think they look best in the summer with a tan. I am more than happy to wear a short skirt or even a little pair of shorts and flash my legs about. I think all the walking I do pays on when it comes to my legs. They are strong and toned and I can walk miles and miles quite happily on them. The most steps I have ever done in a day was 37000 when I went to Paris. One day I would like to break that number. I think my legs would happily carry me further.

When it comes to my legs and sex well I guess my favourite thing is to have them parted! A hand lingering under the table and running up my thigh, disappearing up beneath my skirt, is one of the best types of public foreplay. Not only do I like being the recipient of this I would absolutely love to do this to someone. When it comes to pain and legs I have some big yes and some potential no’s.

The backs of my thighs are VERY sensitive and whilst for many people they are a prime area for impact play for me they mostly have been a no go area in that regard although I discovered that is not as much of a hard and fast rule as I thought it was. Seems if you do it just right then maybe it might be OK however more research is needed.

When it comes to the inside of my thighs or the front of them things are a lot more yes than no. I have enjoyed some impact implements used on my inner thighs. You can’t beat them in the same way you can my arse but again, do it just right, and you can build up a throbbing red glow and even leave behind some marks.

Although my favourite thing when it comes to my inner thighs is to have them covered in the marks left by a good love bite. I love the sensation of his hot mouth on the inside of my thighs, the way his teeth pull at the skin and the pull and pinch as he combines a bite with a suck which builds in intensity. If he is using his fingers on me at the same time, well let’s just say I had more than one orgasm like that when we were last together.

I have also discovered that I like needle play on my thighs. It was on the front of my thighs but I would actually really like to find out what it would be like on my inner thighs too. It immediately makes me think of the fact that once they were in you definitely couldn’t risk closing your legs and so basically you would potentially be at the mercy of anyone who wanted to exploit that moment. Why I am giving ‘people’ ideas I don’t really know and yet I also do because the thought turns me the fuck on.

And then there is rope and my legs. I have a reoccurring wank fantasy where my legs are tied in a futomomo tie and then he sets about using various dildos and vibrators on me and maybe even using a crop or something on my thighs until I am a desperate little horny mess and then he fucks me slow and deep and eventually when he is done makes me come. There are other versions of this fantasy which involve him letting others have their turn with me but they require a whole post to themselves and anyway just the thought of that scenarios means I am now sitting in a damp patch.

Legs might be made for transporting us around but they are also made for many other fun things; They are made to wrapped around someone whilst they fuck you, they are made to explored with mouths and hands, they are made to be parted by rough fingers, they are made to be used to straddle someone, they are made for thigh high stockings or stripped funky socks, they are made for you to catch a glimpse of thigh when the wind blows my skirt up and they are definitely made to look better when finished off with a good pair of heels.

As Marlene Dietrich said..

“Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them.”

I guess the question is, do you?

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Bee August 4, 2020 - 7:41 pm

Needles on inner thighs, now that is an interesting thought.


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