Feeding and the power of sharing food

by Molly Moore
afternoon tea menu for post about food and feeding

Feeding or being fed is not a kink for me but I do believe that eating together and making food for people you care about is a hugely bonding and intimate experience between humans. This post is about all about that and contains reference to forced feeding and feeding for weight gain as a kink.

It is one of those perfectly warm evenings where you can wear a summer dress and flip-flops and know you will have absolutely no need of a cardigan. It is relaxing in a way that is hard to describe in words. We have walked out for dinner tonight. Explored up and down the roads near out apartment before settling on a place that was almost next door to where we were staying.

Inside seemed busy, so odd to me on such a beautiful night but I guess some people love air conditioning. We sat outside. There were little fairy lights strung through the trees and whilst we were not the only people to have chosen an outside seat it was spacious and we had no one really near to us.

He sat opposite me. After being apart for the whole day it was nice to be back together. We both perused the menu

“What do you think?” he asked as he looked across the table to me

“Well lots of dirty things but I suspect you are asking me about food” came my smart ass reply which made him chuckle

But then I followed up with “Shall we share a starter”

We ordered and waited. The food was delicious. Really fucking good actually.

“This is amazing, do you want some?” I gathered some up on my folk and lent across the table, he leaned into me and I took the food into his mouth. Our eyes met. I watched as he ate waiting to see the reaction on his face to the taste sensations in his mouth.

There is an intimacy to the moment that whilst not inherently sexual is powerful in it’s own way. For me sharing food with another person is one of the most intimate bonding experiences you can have with a partner. Not just eating together, although I think we all know the power of sharing with people we care about whether that be friends, family or partners but eating from the same plate, even feeding one another from your dish. To be it feels similar to taking a shower or bath together, or shaving your partner or even just holding hands while you walk down the street together.

It is not a kink for me though. In fact when I was in a D/s relationship food/diet control was a hard limit for me. I know that feeding (particularly in terms of feeding women to make them bigger) is actually quite a popular niche kink. I know there are groups dedicated to it on Fetlife, I found one that has nearly 5500 member and others that are dedicated to forced feeding, and super sized big women and their feeders. It is so removed from anything I would be into but I am intrigued by it because I find other peoples kinks and how they fulfill them and what about them rock their world etc really fascinating. Just to be clear not in the ‘watching the freaks’ way either but as a genuine interest in people and the complexities of human desire.

I like food. I really do. I like making it and I like sharing. As I said above I believe it is a powerful experience between humans. We are social creatures and sitting down to eat together is such an important thing. When I had my kids I have always sat and eaten with them. I rarely gave them a separate dinner time. I would sit and eat when they did, if my partner was not at home he was the one who ate alone because I believed and still believe that eating with them is one of the most important parts of the day for us to spend together and at weekend we would always eat as a family. It is something I was taught from my parents and we regularly get together with them now and have family dinners. 3 generations eating good food and telling my Dad to put his damn hearing aid in.

And no post about this subject would be complete without mentioning Michael. I have often teased him about being a feeder because damn does that man love to make food. I totally believe that one of his joys in life is making food for other people and hearing and seeing their reaction when they are like….damn that was good. I think it taps into his desire to look after people. He is very much a nurturer when it comes to the people in his life.

Even though we are no longer in a relationship we are still living together and in recent weeks have finally come to a place where we are once again enjoying each others company. I will write more about that soon but for now this is about food. So yes despite how things have changed he still does 90% of the cooking in the house. He can still regularly be found in the kitchen baking and will often appear at my side while I am working with some delicious morsel or other piled up on a spoon for me to try. I have to watch out though as his tolerance for the temperature of food is way higher than mine and so quite often I will accuse him of trying to feed me fire food. I now nearly always take the spoon from him and blow on it to save the inside of my delicate mouth. I can tell you now that he cooks the best Italian meatballs I ever tasted and his apple pie is quite frankly one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth and even now at the end of day we sit together, with my kids if they are home, and eat our dinner. Our life has changed a great deal over the last year but I am glad that he is still part of my world and that he still makes me deliciously yummy food.

“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” ~ Epicurus

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Michael March 10, 2020 - 7:56 pm

I am very glad that we are where we are. You are right. Making food for the people I care for brings me great pleasure. I know that I have no plans to stop. And you always have and always will be a person that I care about. Embrace the weird!

Lilly March 11, 2020 - 5:50 am

Thank you!
That was a wonderful post.
I enjoyed reading the bit about sitting outside and sharing food as much as your thoughts on food and things that have to do with it.

Bee March 25, 2020 - 8:21 pm

I do love sharing food with people and I love that I’ve found someone that loves cooking for me because it means I don’t have to! But like you it’s not a kink of mine.


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