My cups runneth over

by Molly Moore
looking up mollys legs covered in cupping cup to her pussy

Not all cups are for tea or coffee some have therapeutic uses and some people find kinky uses for them.

The cupping set is something that I acquired during my relationship with Michael. Recently we went through all our kink stuff and decided who was going to have custody of what. It was an emotional experience, for both of us. For me it inspired memories of when and who had purchased various things and the times we had used them together. I am trying really hard to allow myself to remember the joy and the happy parts of our life together and let go of the pain and sadness. Surprisingly this activity was something that whilst sad was also positive for me. It felt like a reclaiming and also moving on.

Some of the items we talked about and came to a consensus on, others where very obviously his and some were very obviously mine, particularly those items which were fluid bonded with me such as the Vampire Gloves, The Cheese Grater and the cupping set. Whilst they mostly don’t make me bleed they have drawn out fluid from my skin in the past and whilst they could be sterilised as they are made from glass we decided that it seemed right that they become mine.

I was not sad about this because I have really enjoyed them over the years but of course that was having them used on me. The big question was, would they be something I could enjoy on my own or would they go into the bag until such time as I was with a partner who would use them on me? Only one way to find out.

I have written before about how I am not very good at self administering pain. I am too tentative when it comes to impact play and for me half the kick is that someone is doing it to me. Doing it to myself doesn’t give me that kick. However recent explorations have revealed that there is some enjoyment and some pretty good orgasms from playing with clothes pegs. Cupping being the topic of Kink of the Week was actually what I needed to spur me on to see if the same was maybe true for the cups.

In the past, with a partner, they had nearly always been something that was done on my back. Clearly on my own that was not an option but after the success of the clothes pegs on my thighs I decided that was the obvious place to try. I will be honest and say that this initially started as an attempt to get some cool images. I set up my camera all ready, getting the focus in the right spot and then placed the cups along each thigh. There are not fire cups but suction cups. They come with a little pump that attaches to the valve on the top. You hold them firmly against the skin and use the pump a couple of times and they draw the skin up into the cup.

I lay there taking my pictures, shifting my thighs to try and get the best angle but whilst I did I found myself getting increasingly distracted by the burn that was developing along my legs. As the cups take hold there is often a slight pinching sensation but the longer you leave them on the sensations increase. The skin starts to feel hot and also the feels like it is being pinched and twisted. That heat gradually builds and builds into a burn. It is not really painful, not to me anyway, but more a slow build of sensations that occupy the mind and in my case turns me the fuck on. Of course if you knock them at all that will send a little sharp pulse of something close to pain running through your thighs. Well it did on me.

The result was the camera was soon forgotten, although I was delighted with the pictures I got but I didn’t know that until afterwards, as I wriggled back up the bed and reached into my bedside drawer to find a glass dildo to join the glass cups and well lets just say, together they worked their magic perfectly. The cups had already turned me on enough that I was really wet and achy so laying back and imaging him being there and pushing his fingers into me as he toyed with the cups to make them hurt that little bit more was enough to make me orgasm really damn quickly.

So the answer turns out to be that the cups are something I can enjoy on my own. However one of the things I always liked about the cups was that they often would leave a mark, essentially a bruise like mark but when I removed them from my thighs, the red rings where the glass at been were at first fairly pronounced but within an hour or so had all but disappeared. Which quite frankly was a bit disappointing to the part of me who loves marks. However I think the reason is actually because despite the fact I that I managed to apply enough suction to get them to hold and feel good I didn’t actually do enough to really make them sting and throb and ultimately mark but you live and learn and that means I shall be giving them another outing sometime very soon.

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Marie Rebelle February 13, 2020 - 5:15 pm

I think I need to go through all our toys and equipment and see which items I can use on myself. Cupping is something I enjoyed in the past, and might just enjoy for solo play too. Thanks for the idea. Love your image!

Rebel xox

Bee February 17, 2020 - 11:14 am

I’m very much with you on solo play, I just can’t hurt myself in the way someone else can. I know how hard each hit would be and I lost the mind fuck element of it all!


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