February Photofest Madness

by Molly Moore
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I know Rebel’s prompt this week was about promoting other blogs but I really wanted to write a little post about February Photofest as it is now only just over a month away and there are so many new bloggers around that I thought might be interested in giving it a go.

So what is February Photofest?

Feb Photofest started back in the 2014. It was a challenge to myself to post an image everyday for the whole month of February. In the course of taking my images I tend to take multiples when I do a shoot and I thought this would be a way to show of some of those images that I had yet to share and also to spur me on to take new ones. That year when I started a couple of other bloggers expressed a desire to join in, and so the meme was born. Last year saw record numbers of bloggers taking the leap and joining me in a month of photo madness.

What are the rules?

The main and most important rule to February Photofest is that you publish at least one image on your blog ever day for the entire month of February. However there are some additional rules that you can read about on the February Photofest page. Please do if you are thinking of joining in so that you don’t make a mistake an accidentally break one of them.

It is also fine to link your posts into other memes if you wish so don’t feel you have to do a separate post for say Masturbation Monday, Kink of the Week or Wicked Wednesday etc. As long as your post contains an image that fits in with the rules of Febphotofest it is absolutely fine to combine them in one post.

How to join in?

If you are feeling the madness and want to join in with this challenge then you will need to read carefully the instructions on THIS PAGE which explain how to create a category page on your blog which will then create the url you need to add to the linky tool. You will only need to add your link to the tool ONCE because it will lead to a page on your blog where the posts will automatically show up every day as long as you remember to categorize them. For those of you joining in for a subsequent year please remember you will need to create a NEW category for this year.

The Linky tool will open on the 31st January at 6.00pm and close on the 15th Feb just in case any late comers decide to join in but remember you only need to leave your link on the page ONCE.

The Badge

You will need to display the badge on your posts if you wish to link into the page. There is a new badge this year and you can either download it and upload it to your site as an image and link to the page OR grab the code from this page and pop that into your posts. Either way is fine.


We are all insanely busy people and most of us do not have time to sit down everyday and comment on multiple blogs however like with Sinful Sunday commenting on peoples work really does help to turn it into a community project. Therefore I ask that you really do make an effort to comment on the other blogs who join in but in a way that makes it manageable. For example you could pick two different people every day or a couple of times a week pick four to comment on. Also don’t forget to support each other on Twitter and use the hashtag #febphotofest

Any Questions?

Leave them in the comment box below or email me [email protected]

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Marie Rebelle December 27, 2017 - 1:38 pm

This made me go into full planning mode last night. I think I have a theme for 2018’s Photofest. Now to put my ideas into practice…

Rebel xox

May More December 29, 2017 - 6:22 pm

Ah i really want to try and do this – will look at the rules page, thanks for posting this 😉

elliott December 30, 2017 - 7:44 am

Hmmm… I wonder if everyone really wants to see 28 photos of my cock? 28 days in Feb this year, right? I’d better start memorizing the rules now.

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