Spring Fever

by Molly Moore
Standing beneath a big sky

I am horny as hell at the moment. Now I am always fairly well endowed with the horn at the best of times but in the last week or so it seems to have really cranked up a level or 20. The upside to this is that it often inspires me to write beautiful, sexy, dirty stories. In the last 10 days alone I have completed 2 such works, submitted them to Alison Tyler and, joy upon joy, had acceptance emails back in reply. The downside is I think it makes me a sex pest. I have wandering hands, that seem to stray down to his crotch at any opportunity that arises and, if his is not available, then mine always is and right at the moment it is being bloody distracting.

I have no idea what has caused this sudden spike in my libido, although today @domsigns suggested that the milder weather and the fact that spring seems to oozing its fertile pheromones everywhere might have something to do with it. I challenged him on this statement asking him if he was suggesting that I wasn’t horny in the winter as I didn’t believe that to be true. He replied with a grin saying no, you are always horny, but now and then you seem to be consumed by it and I think the fact you are not feeling cold all the time might have something to do with it. He could well have a point.

I have written about this so many times here but just in case you missed it. I hate the cold. Not only do I hate it but I am terrible at coping with it. My body just doesn’t work well in the cold. It makes me tired and often time grumpy and the need for lots of clothes, socks, blankets etc is really not conducive to feeling sexy. Snuggling under the duvet or laying on the floor in front of the fire is clearly an exception to this but sadly one can not spend the whole winter doing those things. Now that the worst of the cold seems, for now, to have gone I find that there is less need to be bundled up and being naked or just the idea of naked does not send shivers of cold running down my spine.

Yesterday I went out and took pictures in a secluded church yard (yes another Scavenger hunt is now complete) the sun was out, the birds were singing and the bees and butterflies were all around. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. The whole outing was so relaxing. At one point I found myself sitting on the grass just enjoying the peace and quiet and for a brief moment I even contemplated breaking the rules (no orgasms without permission) and having a wank. Just to be clear to any men named @domsigns I DIDN’T DO IT but I did think about it and came to the realisation that I want to be fucked in a church yard. (That thought is to be explored more on a whole other blog post) and so I trotted home feeling calm and yet again horny as a goat.

I don’t think @domsigns is complaining about all this mind you. The last week or so has certainly bought him many orgasmic benefits, although I did manage to acquire myself a rather substantial bite mark on my arm today as a result of attempting to undo his jeans while he was trying to talk tech to me about our current site redesign on e[lust]. Apparently he wanted my attention just not that type of attention.

Anyway, this has turned into a rather rambling post with no real focus, mainly I suspect because I have been sitting here pondering our afternoon sex and wondering if there is any chance, that in a few hours time, there might be some bedtime sex. See, told you I was a ole bag of horn at the moment. Maybe @domsigns is right and I actually have a case of Spring Fever, whatever it is I don’t really care. I am enjoying my body, I am enjoying his body, we are having fun, and regardless of whether it is a factor in all this or not. I am damn glad to see the back of the winter.

Standing beneath a big sky Mollyxxx

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Modesty Ablaze April 2, 2014 - 9:53 pm

LOL!!!! . . . Yes I think it could definitely be something to do with Spring!
Brighter, sunnier skies . . . it’s all “uplifting” isn’t it! Makes one feel more optimistic, happier, springy-er(??) . . . naughtier(???) . . . hopeful of new adventures!!!
Cold gives me an excuse to “cuddle” . . . warm gives me an excuse to . . . indulge!!!
Xxx – K

V April 3, 2014 - 1:03 am

Miss you both! You guys are amazing! I’m all tucked away down under these days!


luv2sex.info April 3, 2014 - 2:41 am

To be horny and always feeling horny is a sign of good health. Keep the flame going !

Serafina April 3, 2014 - 3:10 pm

Molly you rock!! feed the passion!

John April 3, 2014 - 10:11 pm

I love the winter and the cold; for my honeymoon I went north – by about 800 miles – in October, and was happy to walk around most of the week with just my T-Shirt on: it didn’t spend much of the week below freezing and it was clear days.

I hate feeling sweaty and hot. In the winter if I get cold I can put on another layer of clothing and it’s all fine. In the summer, there is a point to how much I can take off before people object. So I am forced to be uncomfortable because the alternative is indecency and I hate that faux choice. And the sun makes me so incredibly short tempered. Which is why when I work from home, I sit in the back garden au naturel. 😉

But l have noticed the short-skirted women in Britain seem to be solar powered and thanks to the onset of clement weather, I am quite enjoying my walks to work at the moment 😉

Marie Rebelle April 4, 2014 - 8:55 pm

This definitely sounds like spring fever to me. And yep, another similarity. In warmer temps I am always a lot hornier than in the winter, but I am not as cold as you are in winter.

Love the photo! And I look forward to the church yard scavenger hunt!

Rebel xox

Mia April 7, 2014 - 9:36 pm

Oh you and I are sooooo similar on this point!!! Even in the summer heat I often still have cold toes!!

Bring on the summer!!!

~Mia~ xx

ps- brilliant picture!!!


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