Oi Scouser……

by Molly Moore

15th April 2011

We are all faced with things that challenge us, that we can’t quite bear to face, that bring pain and grief and require us to dig deep inside ourselves and find that something that allows us to take the next step forward and carry on living. Today is one of those days for Jules.

Today she has to dig deep and find that inner strength that I KNOW she has, today she is saying a goodbye and I wish with all my heart I could hold her hand while she did it, but I can’t, and so instead I take a moment to send her strength, love, and hugs and I know that somewhere inside herself, if she searches right deep down, she will find the sheer grit and determination she needs to get through….

Now what do I post for her? So much to choose from but I know what it should be, what its meant to be, what I want to say to her and what will speak to her, but I also know that there is a big risk of making her cry and that’s the last thing she needs right now, but……hmmm, it’s a  big but (no, not mine, or even hers, although Angie did say…..Oh never mind) but I’m gonna risk it, and hope she has tissues and hope she knows I post it because it’s just meant to be, because it says all I need to say but can’t find the words, I post it in friendship, and because I care, and because what type of friend would I be if I skirted things when the going got tough………

To the Scouser, love from Mollyxxx

Ps, You can tell me to fuck off later……LOL…..least it will still mean you are talking to me and I won’t care anyway, you can’t get rid me of me that easily!

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V April 16, 2010 - 2:44 am

Love u Jules

Jules April 20, 2010 - 12:07 pm

Dam Landaner making me cry…Good job your stuck (Happily) in the States woman 😛 Thanks Molls…You are a good friend, thanks for your help your thoughts, everything, thanks for being a friend. You’re like me you…right or wrong you live your life, because like my Dad always said…we just don’t have the time…& Our only judge…our only jury..is our Maker…& boy when it’s our time girl, will he put re-enforced locks on those gates lmao. But you know what…We’ll still get in 😀

Lots of Love…Jules xxx

V……Love you too girl… xxx


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