By on May 16, 2015.

Beyond the window, up on the road, I can see the shadowy figures of people hurry past. Can they see my silhouette through the glass or is the light outside to bright. Do they wonder about what the pretty glass conceals. A hotel room, that much is obvious, but what of the rest. Could they possible imagine what it is they can not see. Do they know of tears and sweat, rough hands and tender flesh, leather and rope, twisting and marking. Do they wonder, do they know, can they possible imagine that behind the glass sits a woman; stained.

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  1. Gorgeous image and amazing words. I *love* to let my mind wander about whya is going on in all the hotels I stay in and if I could be invisible for a day I would totally wander around a big gorgeous glamourous hotel and have a nosy in all the rooms!
    Exposing40 recently posted..Phenomenal WomanMy Profile

  2. This picture has such a feeling of decadence. The luxury of time and the situation to sit at the window,stretched out with elegance and poise. The words add such a rich layer to a wonderful image.

  3. Another wonderful pose – you have me following your line of vision, with your words and your image – peering out… wondering…
    But ultimately, looking right back in again
    Tabitha R recently posted..The Meet UpMy Profile

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