Pulling Faces

By on April 25, 2015.

Whenever I don’t know what picture to post for Sinful Sunday I tend to turn to @domsigns for his opinion. This will nearly always result in him saying, “Show me what you got”. Oh the temptations to be a smart arse when he says that are almost overwhelming, but I digress. So I will click through all the images I have in my ‘edited’ folder. Often the one that catches his eye will be the one I end up posting but the last few times we have played this game I have cast his suggestion aside because he keeps picking out an image that I really don’t like.

It was taken last autumn on the trampoline in the garden as part of a series that I took inspired by the School Uniform Kink of the Week topic. When I pulled all the images off the camera I showed this one to @domsigns laughingly saying, ‘Oh my goodness this is terrible’ and declaring that I was going to delete it. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to-do that. So I put it through Lightroom with the rest and it ended up sitting in the edited folder ever since because, well, I think I look ridiculous in it. @domsigns completely disagrees, he says I look adorable and sexy, that I have a tendency to pull faces and that this crinkled nose, frowny expression is exactly the sort of thing I do. He says that this image makes him chuckle and coupled with the school uniform just makes me look like some bratty little madam. A look which inspires him to want to dish out some correction.

So, having avoided posting it for months I thought I would be brave and share it with you. I am cringing at the thought, but I also know he will be delighted that I finally shared an image that he has continually picked out as one of his favourites and hopefully it will make you all chuckle too.

Molly wearing school girl uniform and scowlingSinful Sunday badge



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  1. We have exactly the same sitation in our house with the images that have my face in them (they will never reach my blog though unless I crop the head out). I find it fascinating how an image will appeal to him which I look at and see in a completely different way and it really does show how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.

    I love this picture of you and can understand why @domsigns loves it too, it is candid, cheeky and sexy all at the same time and it will appeal to his dominant side that would love to spank your cheeky ass that you are sitting on!

    That screwed up face of yours – perfect – it’s the you that you don’t normally see, the you that everyone else sees, the expressions that you make that you are totally unaware of. We all do it and the majority of us never see them unless they get caught in an image.

    I’ve just shown my other half this image and he LOVED it too.

    Velvet x
    Velvet Rose recently posted..Looking UpMy Profile

  2. I agree with all of the other commenters. The pose and clothing make the shot both cute and sexy, the feet and hands hint at some attitude. But the expression is what makes this brilliant because it tells a complete story and conveys emotion with crystal clarity. I love it.

    I think we’re not used to seeing ourselves make these sorts of facial expressions (since we wouldn’t ordinarily do so for photos or the mirror), and yet it’s so beautifully ordinary to see someone else pull a face.
    Sex Is My New Hobby recently posted..Sinful Sunday: strong and litheMy Profile

  3. Haha, I quite like this. I would also not listen to my husband’s opinion on certain photos, and he often loves those photos that I feel don’t cast me in the best light.
    I agree with domsigns, this has so much character to it, and it’s quite adorable. Thanks for being brave and sharing this
    Cammies on the Floor recently posted..V – Perspective of RopeMy Profile

  4. Very brave. I’m not one for this kind of dress up, since I hated skirts when we were forced to wear them in school. We weren’t allowed to do anything unladylike, like play sports unless we put on shorts underneath. Now that I think about it, my face would probably be similar to yours! Give me jeans any day. Better yet, skorts. I can do anything in a skort….lol
    I never, ever keep bad photos of myself either. That’s probably why there are so few of me, lots of my family. I’d rather take the photo than be in one.
    Off to do chores and garden….in my skort

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