Heart Stealer

by Molly Moore
Cropped image of Molly looking into the camera with that looks like blood splatters over her face for post called Heart Stealer.

This one definitely requires a big old content warning. The prompt for Revelations is currently Heartbeat. I knew I wanted to write fiction for it but it was only when I realised it also coincided with Halloween that my ideas turned to something a bit darker. I was laying in bed the other night and when the line, his heartbeat fluttered beneath my fingertips, popped into me head. The imagine it inspired led to this piece but warning, this is most definitely horror erotica, with fairly graphic bloody gore and not everyone gets to the end of the story alive. I guess some witches are good and some are heart stealers…


Who’s the witch in the corner?

“Her name is Calliope. Or at least I think that is what Derek said when he introduced her.”

“Derek pulled that?” exclaimed Andrew.

“Yeah, I know mate, seems hard to believe. But she definitely showed up with him and for the first hour or so he stuck her to side like shit to a blanket. No idea where he is now mind you as she looks lonely”

“She looks like something I want to impale on my dick”

On hearing her name Calliope shut out the rest of the noise of the crowded room. If someone was talking about her she liked to know what they were saying. A small smile twitch on her lips when both men snorted with laughter chinked their bottles of beer together.

“I’ll drink to that” Jonathan said to Andrew

“Shit, she’s coming over.” Said Jonathan

“Who is?”

“The witch. Calliope or whatever her fucking fancy name is…”

“What did you say about me?” She looked first at Jonathan, her face dark and unreadable and then slowly cast her eyes over to Andrew. Both shifted uncomfortable;e from foot to foot before Andrew managed to stammer

I, umm, what?

“Oh, I just thought I heard my name but I guess I was wrong” Calliope replied. Her dark green eyes held Andrews gaze and he could feel an uncomfortable heat start to rise in his face and maybe his groin too

Neither spoke for a moment.

“I am Calliope.” She continued reaching out her hand, and you are?

“….. Andrew” He finally managed to reply as he reached out to take her hand in response.

“Yes, of course you are” she muttered but he didn’t seem to hear her.

“So, you came as a tomato?” she asked appraising his outfit.

Jonathan snorted into his beer and when they both looked over at him he made his excuses.

“I will leave you two too, umm, whatever this is” he said as he vanished into the throng of people.

“It’s not a tomato. I am NOT a tomato” Andrew finally responded indignantly. “I am the devil”

Calliope let out a barking laugh. “Sure you are”

“Well you are hardly an actual witch are you?” Andrew bit back

Her hand pressed down on his chest. She could feel his heartbeat flutter beneath her fingertips. Wetness pooled between her thighs. Leaning down harder she straddled him. Pulling up her long black skirt so the heat of cunt was pressed firmly against his crotch.

Andrew pawed at her top, trying to undo the buttons but she batted his hand away.

“I thought you wanted to impale me on your dick” she hissed at him

What?” Andrew was not sure how he got here. It had felt like one moment they had been talking and then the next he was in this dark room with this woman sitting astride him. His mind was fuzzy, hazy. He blinked trying to remember. Clearly he had drunk far more than he thought he had.

“Come on Andrew, impale me like the devil you are” she teased as she tugged at his belt and unzipped his fly.

The look on her face was one of excitement, hunger even, and Andrew couldn’t help responding.

“Filthy bitch.” he muttered as he reached down and pulled his cock free from his pant. “I love a greedy witch who wants it” he carried on. “Come on love, spread that cunt for me”

Calliope narrowed her eyes for a moment. His words sent a white hot rage through her but also, his cock was hard and quite frankly large and he was right, she was greedy and so very hungry. She had come to the Halloween party intending to treat herself. Andrew was not her usual type, she hated the arrogance and they often left a sour taste. When she treated herself she liked to do it with something she could savour, toy with and enjoy the build up, rather than rush things but the party had failed to turn up any good candidates and so here she was.

She smiled at him as she reached under her skirts with one hand and held her cunt lips open. She hoovered over his hard on, which he still held firmly in this fist.

“Come on baby” he urged, reaching up with the other hand to her hip and trying to guide her downwards onto his dick. She resisted at first, enjoying the way his heartbeat flicked slightly faster under her hand when he felt her resistance. To anyone else the change would be indiscernible, to Calliope she could hear it loud and clear, the smallest little up-tick in his heart rate. When she had heard him talk about her across the room his words were accompanied by the strength of his heartbeat but now here, with him laying beneath her she would hear it, feel it. It was intoxicating.

Ohhh fuck” he groaned as she lowered herself all the way down onto his cock until he was balls deep in her core. She closed her eyes and felt him throb inside her very core. The twitch of his heartbeat running through his cock and beating in the very centre of her made juices flow and her cunt tighten. She knew her orgasm was not far off, this was too good and she had deprived herself for too long.

In one swift movement she tore the front of his costume open. A smattering of hair decorated his chest and then ran down his stomach in an ascetically pleasing line as if leading the eye down to his dick. This time she placed both hands on his chest and leant into him as she let her hips slowly rise and fall. Savouring the feel of him pushing into her cunt again and again.

“Fucking little slut witch” he muttered as he watched her using his cock. He is so focused on the feel of wet cunt and the look in her eye and rise and fall of her body that he barely notices the little sting of pain as she draws a line down his chest with her nail. One razor sharp nail. So sharp in fact that the cut it makes is so clean that to Andrew if feels like a scratch.

“Oh you naughty girl” he purrs. “You think I am going to get away with scratching me like that.

“Yes” she grunts back as she forces him back down onto the bed. The look of shock in his eyes at not being able to push her off, at her seemingly overwhelming strength makes Calliope cackle with glee.

“What the fuck?” For a moment he is stunned, unable to believe that she some how is stronger than him and then he erupts. Thrashing and fighting beneath her. Clawing at her arms and clothes, kicking his legs and bucking his hips determined to tip her off, determined to take control.

“I am gonna fuck you so hard” he hisses up into her face still convinced that this is a game and one that it is his right to win as he has done all the times before.

Under her hand she feels it. His heart races. Galloping beneath her fingertips like wild animal trying to get out.

“Soon” she whispers. So, so soon my love.” she croons and it’s like his heart can hear her and seems to drumming even harder in his chest,

His fight is weakening, enough to allow her to resume her rise and fall, to fuck herself on his still throbbing her cock. Despite his anger, or is it fear at this point, his body responds and he can feel his balls tighten. He is close, so close and suddenly his hips are meeting hers, driving up into her, their bodies in sink.

“Yes!” she calls, “Yes, yes, harder, faster” and he responds. He can’t help it. Something drives him on and she looks into his eyes and knows that now, now is the moment. His heart pulses in her hand, blood dripping down her wrist and arm, just as his cock erupts inside her cunt. His eyes are wide, the whites so bright around his dark pupils and his mouth opens in a silent scream. Her orgasm rips through her as she holds up his beautiful heart in front of his face. His fear is beautiful. His fear is hers. She is never more alive, never more powerful, than right now.

Eventually his heart slows and his eyes dim. For a moment she is sad. Over so soon, she thinks as she lets his already shrivelling cock slip from her body. She holds his heart right to the very end, Watching as it quivers and twitch before finally stilling. She slides it into her bag. Later she will feast on it again but for now, there is a party to attend and she only had a few hours left to steal as many hearts as she can.

Happy Halloween!

Molly looking into the camera. Her eyes are bright and she has fake blood splattered across her face that she seems to licking of her lips for a post called Heart Stealer
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Kenneth Benoit aka Benke October 31, 2023 - 7:13 pm

Hey Molly. Love lovely sexy story for Halloween. It is beautifully written..

Ogden October 31, 2023 - 7:26 pm

Well at least he had some style at the end!! 😀 😀

Sandra Lindsey November 3, 2023 - 10:12 pm

Oh wow, what a fantastic tale! I’m not usually one for horror or gore, but you’ve got the balance so right here <3


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