Roped up

by Molly Moore
Molly's leg tied in rope edited with a blue tint

I posted the original of this image last year during the April A to Z Challenge. The post was called Weave. It didn’t get a lot of attention at the time. That is OK, not every post does and it is part of the nature of blogging however I really liked the image and was sure it was a perfect candidate for a Throwback Thursday re-edit. Did this roped up image have more to offer?

I don’t have many rope pictures as I have never found someone to really explore rope with and so I only have the odd thing I have done myself. I did have a little phase of exploring self tying, this is a picture from one of those times, and whilst I enjoyed it and was definitely pleased with some of the shots I got I also felt like something or maybe that is someone was missing. I would get myself all tied up and then be like, what now? I wanted someone to touch me, to taunt me while I was unable to get away and also I wanted to just be able to sink into the sensation of being bound. I didn’t feel totally relaxed doing that on my own and to be honest I knew I had not tied it as firmly as someone else would of done because in the back of my head I was worried what would happen if I couldn’t get it undone. Yes I had safety scissors but still I was lacking in confidence.

But back to this image and more importantly this new edit. I love it. For me this one is clear cut. This version is better than the original I posted. It has really bought out the texture of the rope and also how it is firm against my skin. It actually makes me shift in my seat a little as I remember how it felt and fires up my desire to experience it again. Let’s hope 2023 might bring me some rope experiences

February Photo Fest 2023

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