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Driven to Distraction

Polka dot panties around my ankle

It is a busy day. We both have a lot of work on which is good. There were moments last year when things got a bit financially intense which was not fun at all and so anything that is the opposite of that is most welcomed but despite that I am finding it hard to concentrate.

I should be writing an article that has been commissioned and is due at the end of the week but instead I am flitting between a blank white screen and Twitter. I know I should just shut Twitter but I know that if I do I will just end up staring at the blank. My mind is elsewhere today.

I look over at him; he is lost in thoughtful concentration. He has that look on his face that he gets when something is not going to quite right, technology is not submitting to him, yet because he always makes it work in the end. It is the same look of concentration when he gets when it is trying me up in rope and despite the fact I couldn’t actually see it I know without a doubt it is the same look he had on his face when he put needles in the skin on my back. Now my head is there, remembering, reliving, a little shiver runs down my spine.

I reach out and stroke his arm, he smiles but carries on working. I look at my blank white screen and then decide to visit Tumblr. Like Twitter it won’t really help but I need something to do. Tumblr is both a wonderful and horrendous thing depending on your mood, today nothing works for me and I lean back in my chair and sigh

His fingers tap away at the keyboard beside me. I find myself watching them as them. Considering the size of his hands and fingers they move with a slow agile grace that I find mesmerizing. I can’t seem to stop myself from thinking about his fingers on my flesh, parting my thighs, dipping into to the soft folds of my cunt, pushing into the core of me. He uses those fingers inside me in ways that make my juices flow and my muscles tighten. His fingers make me cum and I love cumming on his fingers.

“Are you OK?” he asks

“Yeah why?” I reply

“Well you made a noise.”

“I did? What kind of noise?”

“I don’t know, a noise, like a sigh or a moan, or a cross between the two.”

“Oh?” And I bite my lip to try to keep the guilty smile off my face but he sees it anyway and laughs

“Dirty girl” he mutters as he returns to his work

Ahh yes work, I really should be doing some of that too but now my mind has misled my body and I can feel the tell-tale ache of need between my thighs building. I shift in my seat and let my hand find its way beneath my dress and up to my panties, I can feel the wetness through the material. I run my nails over the fabric which makes my cunt twitch with the desire for a more firm, intimate touch.

“Slutmine!” His voice makes me jump a little

“Yes Sir?”

“What are you doing?”

“Umm, just having a fiddle”

“That does not seem to be getting your work done?”

“I know but you were distracting me”

“I was?” He inquires with a raise of his eyebrows

“Well yes, but no, I mean I was watching you and that made me think and then, well”

“You hand slipped into your knickers?”


“Is there something you would like to ask me?”

“Yes, but you will say I am meant to be working.”

“Well you are, but your are also clearly not working so maybe we need to fix that another way.”

“I look at you through squinted eyes trying to work out if you are suggesting I have a wank or that you spank my bottom to help encourage me to work.”

“Please can I have an orgasm Sir” I ask, hoping that it was not the spanking you were suggesting.

“Yes you may, Slutmine”

With a little happy wiggle I move from my chair behind my desk and plonk down in the large leather armchair that sit on the opposite side of the room, tugging my dress up around my waist as I do. I reach into my panties with my right hand and immediately start rubbing at my clit. My mind has done the pre-gaming for me and I am already ready, turned on, wet, and a little swollen.

I close my eyes and let myself get lost back in the thoughts of your hands on my skin, your fingers invading my body; thick insistent fingers that penetrate me making me feel deliciously full. First one, then two, my juices coating them as you push into me so that they glide smoothly in and out of my cunt.

The noise of your shifting in your chair drags me from the moment and I open my eyes to find you watching me intently over the screen of your laptop your eyes firmly directed at the damp patch of panties between my legs. When you realise my fingers have stopped moving you look up at me. I pause, thinking, and then I lift my bottom up off the seat and slide my knickers down my thighs and off one leg and then leave them dangling off the other leg offering them and myself to you.

“Now who is being distracting?” you growl as you leave your seat and head across the room towards me.

Polka dot panties around my ankleHow could I not join in with this weeks Masturbation Monday when Kayla picked my image as the prompt

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