Flesh over bone

By on October 15, 2016.

There are the obvious things, the breasts, the ass, the intoxicating cunt and then there are things that surprise you, the sparkle in her eyes, the twist of hair that snakes across her cheek, the way the light falls across her neck and shoulders illuminating the dip and curve of flesh over bone. Those things catch you unawares, you are not expecting them, you are not ready for their lure and that is their power. You can not protect yourself from them because they are unknown to you until that moment when they are not. They inspire longing and desire, they make your fingers tingle with the urge to reach out and explore her flesh. In that moment when you see them they snatch your breath from you, stopping you in your tracks. You can’t look away no matter how hard you try. She smiles at you, a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she turns, the moment is lost.The light turns to dark, you are left alone with only regrets to warm your soul. She is gone and like a thief in the night she has stolen your thoughts and painted them on her flesh.

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  1. The picture is so beautiful but your words have touched me so deep.I think I am going to keep them so I can read them again and again :-).

  2. It’s so true. Collar bones are so beautiful and elegant. They don’t get enough respect, as beautiful parts of the body.

    Lovely photo!

  3. I love how your photo illuminates your words, but as a wordy person, the prose captures the feeling of this post for me more than the image. I think the spaces between our eroticized body parts are more powerful and more alluring indeed because we never expect to be so aroused by them – excellent post!!! xx

  4. You have rendered me speechless before I even got to the words! Collar bones and necks are seemingly innocent when in reality they are far far from innocent!
    Bee recently posted..Come on overMy Profile

  5. Molly, this is so incredibly lovely. The photo is divine, soft and ethereal and that smile just slays me. But your words, oh your words went right to my heart. That kind of noticing, that kind of attention, that is a rare and beautiful thing. xoxo
    MariaSibylla recently posted..MorningMy Profile

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