Balance of Light

By on December 23, 2015.

Something a little sinister to help you with your Christmas spirit. We seem to be on a roll with these collaborations. Words by @domsigns image by, yours truly! Merry Christmas


I took her from the world. The world did not appreciate her, did not see her beauty and grace. She walked through life unseen by those who should have noticed her.

But I saw her, saw the light that shone from within her, bright and beautiful and made to illuminate my darkness. Not to banish it but to provide the contrast I need to exist. Because what good is the dark without the balance of light?

So I took her, while the world passed unaware.

I keep her now in my special place and I take her, take her when the blackness starts to well up within me and threatens to wash the rest of my humanity away. She struggles even as she sees that this is meant to be, even as each thrust makes her just a bit dimmer, but knowing that her sacrifice will delay my descent into depravity.

But it never lasts, I always consume them in the end and begin again to search for someone who has the light to stave off the inevitable passage of my heart into the night.

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  1. What a lovely Christmas gift. I love this. I love the honesty in the voice, the rawness, the balance of strength and threat and ultimately vulnerability. I just can’t say anything more.

    Love. No crits.

  2. dark… I like imaginging a flat toned male voice, stating the way things are, it just is, the lack of flourishes in the writing works, the happy ending of light I imagined, the sappy sub that I am, quashed into the simple darkness… brilliant.

  3. Earthly, rich, somewhat dark, not sinister. The two halves that make the whole yet remain apart to shine as individuals. That is the beauty of this writing and image. The give and take that contrives the balance of dark and light.

  4. I ‘liked’ this last week but had a note to come back and comment when I had time. I really love the image – it’s powerful and a bit scary! I love the word so much – although there is darkness there in the words, I think what really makes it shine is the tenderness/reverence that also come through in the opening para. Xx
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