The ABC and 123 Of Me

By on September 19, 2012.

I found this idea ages ago on another blog and decided I should try it myself. I can’t seem to find the blog now, so apologies if I have appropriated someone else’s idea but I only did it because I liked it so much.

I thought it was going to be easy, just a bit of fun really but to be honest it was much harder than I thought it would be and so I filed it away in ‘blog posts to be completed’ and promptly forgot about it. Then this week I saw Rebel’s prompt of 1 – 2 – 3 and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to actually finish it. I have spent a large portion of yesterday working on it and now that it is finished I like it but I also know that in a funny way it really is just a random list of words and by no means gives you a full picture of me. It doesn’t tell you that although I am an extrovert I can also be very shy. I am an optimist and also a pessimist. I am a worrier and also carefree. I am full of self-doubt and self belief. I am me; complicated…. which I suspect is just like you too. Give it a go. It is an interesting task and way more difficult than it looks and the result is another view of me…

Molly in red lace

A – Attentive, Affectionate, Annoying (Sir’s suggestion)
B – Bi-Sexual, British, Blogger
C – Crazy, Courageous, Collared
D – Dirty, Dark, Daughter
E – Exhibitionist, Extrovert, Ebullient
F – Flirty, Filthy, Feisty
G – Grumpy, Giggly, Gorgeous (Sir’s suggestion)
H – Happy, Horny, Honest
I – Intelligent, Inquisitive, Inappropriate
J – Joker, Jezebel, Juicy
K – Kinky, Kissable, Kind
L – Londoner, Lover, Loving
M – Mother, Minx, Mad (My sons suggestion)
N – Naughty, Nosey, Night-owl
O – Original, OCD, Open
P – Photographer, Pussy, Passionate
Q – Quick, Querier, Quality
R – Raunchy, Restless, Reader
S – Slut, Submissive, Sexy
T – Tattooed, Tiny, Tease
U – Unique, UK’er, Uncensored
V – Voyeur, Vivacious, Verbal
W – Woman, Wife, Writer
X – XXX rated, Xenophile,
Y – Youthful
Z – Zealous

0 – fillings in my teeth
1 –  Dom
2 – tattoos
3 – trips to America
4 – glass dildos
5 – people in an mmmff orgy
6 – candles for wax play
7 – the number of the house I grew up in
8 – plus 1, the number of pairs of high heels I own (which is clearly not enough. Shopping will have to be done)
9 – days of utter bliss that I spent in Las Vegas


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  1. Two glaring omissions. Is it only three words per letter? I have no idea how you persevered. Being me I’d have been bored by ‘B’ and if I had persevered I’d maybe have made it through to Flighty, Fickle and F… hmm.

    So, where is ‘Creative’? .

    And ‘Generous’, in all the sharing opportunities you create with your, well, your creativity. 🙂

    Love the photo. So coy. It’s one of those ‘What happened next’ pictures. Makes you imagine beyond it’s own timeframe.
    CuriousMuse recently posted..Clover.My Profile

  2. As easy as ABC & 123 - Rebel's Notes

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