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Very Dirty Girls

Molly sucking cock

They are making those little noises, breathless little moans and sighs which join the softer, subtler sound of movement and wetness, flesh on flesh. I look up at him, he is focused on them, watching intently, consuming their lust as his own. He must sense me looking, watching and glances down at me. He smile and sighs.

I want to see what he can see, I want to watch too. I shift on my knees and lift my head slightly, desperately trying to get a glimpse of the action. His cock slips from my mouth. Looking down he realises what I am up.

“Suck my cock” he growls and grabbing a handful of hair he pushes my head back down to where it should be, feeding his hardness into my mouth with his other hand.

Pressing down with his hand and pushing up with his hips he forces his cock deep into my mouth. I open my throat as best I can, struggling to control the urge to gag, I can feel the sting of tears in the corner of my eyes as I fight to hold my breath. Saliva bubbles in the corners of my mouth and runs in thick juicy lines down my chin and onto his balls. Still he holds me, rocking his hips ever so slightly, pumping his cock again and again into my mouth. Just when I think I can feel the panic of not being able to breathe properly start to wash over me he lets go. I hold his cock in my hand while dragging in great lungfuls of air. He brushes a strand of hair from out of my eyes and whispers “suck”. I don’t need to be told again.

His cock feels good in my mouth, when I wrap my lips tightly around the base and rub the underside of it with my tongue I can feel him twitch. He likes blow jobs, slow and tight, firm lips, maybe a graze of teeth, do not rush it and if your hands are not tied behind your back then use them, fingers wrapped firmly round the base creating a tight little ring while my mouth pleasures the rest of him always hits the mark.

I look up again, but this time I make sure my mouth stays exactly where it is meant to be. His eyes flit back and forth between watching his cock sliding in out of my mouth and watching the two girls spreading their legs for him. Me, them, me, them; is he imaging one of them sucking him off, or maybe he is thinking about fucking them while I watch, or maybe it is the thought of my mouth on their cunts.

The noises change, something is happening, the pace is different, the intensity of stronger. The sounds make me wet and I groan in frustration on his cock. The vibrations make him twitch and his groan echo’s mine. His head is thrown back, his eyes no longer drinking in the various delights but firmly closed, his lips parted, his breathing shallow and thready. My mouth and hands work together, one firmly wrapped around the base of his cock the other sliding back and forth across the head, sucking, pulling, squeezing, wet, hot, tight. I know it is coming, the head of his cock swells in my mouth, beneath my hand I can feel the ripples of his orgasm start. He makes that noise, that perfect auditory delight which is a mixture of a grunt and groan. So wonderfully male, so deliciously hot. He fills my mouth.

Sitting back on my knees I watch and wait while he takes a moment to recover himself. The tangy taste of him lingers on my tongue and I want to reach down between my legs and touch myself but I wait.

“You do know only very dirty girls suck their husband’s cock while he watches porn don’t you?” he says as he shuts the lid on his computer.

I grin at him

“And only very, very dirty girls get off on it” he says as he takes my hand pulls me up onto the sofa next to him and reaches down into the hot wet mess between my thighs.

Molly sucking cockWicked Wednesday badge

  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • Marie Rebelle

    OMG this is hot. I think I need a moment…

    Rebel xox

  • Cammies on the Floor

    Hot, and the picture, hell yes, hot

    • Molly Moore

      Thank you, and I LOVE this picture. When I was editing it this afternoon I spent about 20 minutes telling him how beautiful his cock looked in this shot


  • Ruby

    Watching two women while you go down on Michael? Now that sounds like a lovely idea. 😉

  • f dot leonora

    oh the story was hot, and then the picture…ooooh!

  • Charlie Powell

    This is so much hotter than any actual porn I’ve seen! xx

  • Twigs at 100AcreSub

    what Charlie said, and love the twist that it’s porn, in a way that’s hotter than actual women there, and yet, that too….

    ps the pic on the right, two of the three, Edward Hopper, very.

  • gausan

    I read the entire story word by word and I could imagine as to how far you could have enjoyed the throbbing cock in your mouth. When it comes to sex, one is willing to see the other enjoy most and in order to bring more happiness to the person and his beautiful cock, you can have little biting throughout the length and breadth of the cock every now and then and you could see that he explodes a lot in your mouth which you can enjoy and taste and can remember during your dreams. Goo luck

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