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I guess it all started with a selfie. As I mentioned on Twitter the other day I think I was about 36 when I took the first one using the mirror on my landing and a very crappy camera phone I had at the time. I still have the picture on my computer. I am wearing black lace panties with hold-up stockings. I took it for someone in particular. His enthusiastic response warmed my heart and other areas. It was the beginning of me and my camera. Yes I was his wank fodder and you know what, that was fucking hot because he was mine.

The first image I posted of myself on my blog can be blamed on Dick Dyke Dick ( sadly she doesn’t update her blog anymore but everything is still there for you to see) I had been a long time reader of her site and admirer of her beautiful honest self portraits. In many ways I saw a woman like myself, our youthful perfections long gone to be replaced with something else, confidence and desire to enjoy our bodies. She inspired me. The response I got to those first few images were also inspiring and soon my camera became an increasing part of my life as a sex blogger.

I have always been a very visual person and when I started my blog I would search the internet for an image that I felt went with my words/thoughts. I liked the marriage between the two mediums but I liked it even more when the images where my own. It felt and still does feel so right to me. I love it when those two different mediums come together (excuse the pun) complimenting one another and hopefully moving the reader/viewer in some way because doing that is really the icing on the cake.

Over time my photography developed as my love for it grew. I went from a camera phone and a little point and shot (A great camera and I took some images on it that to this day I am still proud of; If you go down to the woods today and All Good Things to name just two) to a DSLR (Canon 1100d) a remote control trigger and stronger tripod. The outdoors was calling to me by this point.

I love the whole process of taking my images, from finding the locations, planning the outfit, or lack of, taking the practise shots with my clothes on and then going for the final shots. Working outdoors means that anything can happen. I can’t control the environment like you can at home. People suddenly appear, the weather suddenly changes, the light is from the wrong direction, the field I selected the day before to take pictures of me in the wheat has suddenly been harvested etc. I have to change my ideas all the time, often right in the middle of doing them. No shoot, even if I return to the same spot time and again is ever the same. I love it.

I have another camera now (Canon 7d but am currently lusting after the 6d, you can use your phone as a remote screen… oh my) and a whole bag full of lens which I lug about with me everywhere. From that one selfie on my phone a passion was born. A passion that not only has led me to an increasing intimate relationship with my body, my sexuality/kinks and world around me but also one that has evolved into a form of income for me.

My husband says he is in BDSM D/s poly relationship with me and the camera. To be fair he always laughs when telling people this and I always get the impression he is immensely proud of everything I have achieved but his statement is not without some truth. There could be worst things to be addicted though I think.

So what of you, the viewer and our relationship? I take my pictures first and foremost for me. Because I love doing it and because I find it truly liberating. In those moments I get to challenge myself, to explore my body as a piece of art, to see how it looks, how it feels and with regards to my outdoor self portraits how fitting my body into the landscape immediately changes how both things are seen. However I also take them to be seen. I want you to see them and most of all I want to make you feel something. In the prompt this week on Wicked Wednesday the writer asks;

1. Do you care what the viewer or reader does with them? 2. Does it turn you on to know that you stimulate? 3. Do they ask you for permission bringing you into their pleasure? 4. Does it humiliate you to be reduced to their masturbation fodder, you a merely specimen of the species?

1. Only in the sense that I own the copyright on my images and don’t want them stolen but they are there to be looked, to be enjoyed and consumed by the viewer.

2. Sometimes yes, it certainly has done in the past with certain people but I am probably my own greatest voyeur. As I wrote in ‘The Watcher, a piece about voyeurism

I am a very visual person, as I think my blog reflects. My love of my photography really does stem from my own voyeuristic relationship with myself. It is not that I think I am particularly beautiful or even sexy, I don’t look at my images and admire myself in that way, it is more detached than that. I see the sex in myself, the hunger, the greed, the potential for wanton behaviour, the love of man and woman, desire for, despite the flaws of my body, which I am all too well aware of, seeing myself stripped (and I don’t necessarily mean naked when I use that term)exposed and captured in that moment allows me to see something of myself as he sees me.

As the header on my blog says “I see myself through others eyes and I am made anew” There is a strong relationship between me and the viewer and yet it is a relationship that is often anonymous, frequently remote and difficult to define.

3. I am a little bit confused by this question. Have people contacted me and told me they have masturbated to my image and/or words? Yes. Have they messaged me in advance of doing so, asking for my permission? No and I think I would find that a little odd. By publishing the images I have given my permission for them to be viewed. If my pictures elicit a sexual response from someone then yay, because I made that person feel something.

4. No, not in the slightest. I’m glad my image caused a reaction in them and if that is the desire to masturbate then you know what, I caused a pretty powerful reaction. We are all a specimen of our species, no one is more human or more real than anyone else. The only difference is how we chose to share ourselves with others. I am not made less by someone ‘seeing’ me. In fact quite the opposite and if I make your cock hard, your cunt wet or I make you giggle, or cringe or think, ‘damn I would love to fuck her in the woods’ or your fingers tingle with the thought of spanking me, even if I inspire you to reach for your own camera, I want to know about it, because then I know I took a good picture.

If you look at my blog, my writing and maybe most of all my photographs and pass straight on without at least a pause then I have failed because you felt nothing. I want a response whatever it is, good or bad, because then I know I made you look.

Red panties in the woodsFeel anything yet?

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  • luv2sex.info

    As for me, what I see here, I will look upon it as a form of nude art! I won’t look at it in the sex angle.

    • Molly Moore

      And so I have to ask why? I am delighted to be seen as nude art but from your comment I feel like you might want to look at it as more sexual than that but are uncomfortable about that?


  • V

    Gorgeous as ever!

  • slave sindee

    Ah Molly, i think your hubby is one lucky man to have a sexually happy Women. Who knows how to enjoy herself and please others. i love your photos and body flaws don’t see them i see a beautiful and proud sexual Lady. Who is willing to please others and share her body through photos. Please continue using your mind and body to excite and thrill not only the viewer, reader, but yourself.
    Love you

  • kinkybikermom

    love the photo biker hubby says your smokin hot 🙂

  • Clive

    For me, Molly – your posts always make me stop and stare (when I am around and on line that is) – and they variously make me think, make me giggle, make me wonder, and often make me hard 🙂

  • Mrs Teepot

    I’ve loved watching your photography develop, you have such a talent and a great eye, and a gorgeous body 😉

  • Marie Rebelle

    I love to read more about how you came to be such a wonderful (self) photographer. I, as so many others, can learn a great deal from you.

    And the photo? Well, I would just love to touch those red panties 😉
    The skin beneath it will do too…

    Rebel xox

  • Oleander

    You are a truly beautiful person, inside and out, and I have been truly inspired by you. Your photos are amazing, captured with an artist’s eye, in a word, stunning. Your words are just as gorgeous. I always look forward to finding out what you’re going to do next…

  • Cammies on the Floor

    A very thorough answer and an incredible photo to follow up! I like how your husband calls it a poly relationship with the camera.

  • HappyComeLucky

    Photos can provoke different thoughts. Sometimes I see only the beauty, sometimes the cleverness. Other times it might be the mood. Sometimes they are very erotic. There are times that photos trigger thoughts that are introspective or even selfish.

    Thank you for always sharing your pictures.

  • Mia Sinclair

    This is what I love about photography (or indeed any imagary) the subjectiveness of it. What I may see another will see something else, the meaning I may make will be different to someone elses. This is the joy of art and photography for me.

    When I see your images and your words they do make me react. Sometimes with wonder at your artistic acumen with your images, sometimes (not very often mind) there may be an image that doesn’t do it for me but that is still a reaction.

    Your words I sometimes nod away at and other times I don’t quite have the same opinion, but that’s ok we can’t all have the same way of thinking or view about something, also sometimes your writing encourages me to think a different way about a subject which is great as it broadens perceptions.

    Again another post from you that creates reaction (and for me quite a verbose one!) and your image well I see one f***ing spankable backside in a gorgeous pair of panties that would look great around your ankles!

    ~Mia~ xx

  • Jane

    Firstly, can I just say what a beautiful photograph that is? I keep thinking that you’re the grown-up version of Little Red Riding Hood (in this case, Little Red Riding Knickers), just waiting for a deliciously bad wolf to ravage you …

    Like you, I take pictures primarily for me; I have to like them myself before I can share them with others. It is amazing the journeys our camera’s take us on – and mine definitely began when a certain lady at Eroticon (not looking at anyone in particular!) encouraged me to take part in a little event called Sinful Sunday. Who knows where my journey will end? I can definitely tell you that I love watching yours. Jane xxx

    • Molly Moore

      Ha! Damn Eroticon and its opportunities to meet people and be inspired 😉

  • Fockeydey

    Of course I feel something my cock stirs my balls tingle I long to grab your hips and pull you to me. You are sexy and beautiful I love your pics and frequently return to them. xxx

  • Phoenix

    I just found your blog and I think it’s fascinating. I love your acceptance that you put the images there to make people feel something and if someone chooses to masturbate to them, that’s a strong feeling. I agree.

  • John

    They are amazing underwear; alas, male underwear isn’t quite so photograph-friendly (at least not unless you have oodles of muscles!) in the same way. 😉

    I still rank the best photograph I ever took was on a crappy point-and-shoot; I still look at it to this day and smile. But then I had the Lake District as my playground that day so it’s hard to take a bad picture!

  • Beauty’s Punishment

    I always enjoy your pictures, and I’m still trying to figure out how to get my camera to do what I want it to do. Our good point and shoot camera grew legs this year, so we had to get a different one to replace it. I’m not super jazzed with the new one. 🙁

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